7 Goth fall 2022 fashion trends | the style insider.

7 Goth fall 2022 fashion trends | the style insider.

Alt jewelry + accessories collection 2022. 

Creates a unique, stylish look with a pronounced character and personality.

A collection of 7 Trending jewelry items for Alt style outfit inspiration 
Welcome to gothic jewelry collection! Gothic is one of the few styles that regularly come back into fashion repeating or changing something in one form or another. 

Features of the Gothic style: The Gothic style includes symbols of love and fidelity, life and death, mysticism and religion.

For more than 10 years, the Gothic style has been successfully exploited by global jewelry brands, bringing income and fame. Jewelry companies of the highest level very often diversify their assortment with collections in the Gothic style. There are quite a few brands to which the Gothic style brought world fame.

In jewelry, talented designers and craftsmen always feel the pulse of their time. Each style is based on its own philosophy of life. Gothic style in jewelry is based on a philosophical and religious heritage.

True Gothic is sophisticated : the aesthetics of the era of knights and witches - eternity and the highest divine powers motifs. The Gothic style ended the Middle Ages, giving way to the Renaissance.

In the modern world, the Gothic style draws inspiration for the most part from the dark side of life. Goths worship the powers of the night and gravitate towards everything that reminds of darkness - pallor, dark sky, cold moonlight, etc. Silver, being a lunar metal, most fully reflects the aesthetics of this subculture. Gold and any other yellow metal are unacceptable for goths because they are associated with the sun and daylight.

Gothic jewelry can also be made from all kinds of "silver substitutes" such as nickel, silver, steel, etc. The main thing is that the metal is white or silver.

It appeals to the Christian worldview(eternity and the highest divine powers).

Dark glamor allows eclecticism and a combination of antiquity with modernity, Jewelry is richly decorated with ancient openwork patterns. Each piece of jewelry can have not only decorative, but also a secret, mystical meaning.

In the modern world, elements of the Gothic style take on new features. It is not necessary to copy medieval fashion or follow the rules of the youth subculture for the image to look harmonious. Some elements of the Gothic style - openwork crosses, curly rings, necklaces-chokers - have long ceased to be associated exclusively with Gothic. Mixing medieval Gothic culture and modern trends, the designers have created, one might say, a new style with a rich and varied palette of jewelry art.

Gothic style jewelry also includes: pendants-amulets,  chokers, cuffs, long earrings, bracelets, brooches. White metals with stone placements are especially preferred in modern Gothic, creating a contrast of the gloom and weight of stones.

Gothic style demonstrates individual personality and is a sign of self-expression. These outfits attract the eye with grace. And although the gothic style of jewelry requires a certain outfit, many ensembles from collections are relevant for any outfit and situation. Admirers of the Gothic style are not only representatives of the subculture, but also ordinary people who want to add a bright zest to their image

We love making goth jewellery and hope to inspire you to have a go yourself!. gothic & victorian jewelry collection.tips - how to be alt. Women wearing goth fashion
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