6 Blouses with Puff Sleeves that will be the most fashionable in 2022

6 Blouses with Puff Sleeves that will be the most fashionable in 2022

It seems that in 2022/3, designers decided to completely abandon the StreetWear style, for the sake of romance and elegant cut.  Dresses and blouses with puffy sleeves which can be seen in the new collections of famous designers , became the first sign of such "comeback of fashion origins". The puffy sleeves, are more interesting than the standard sleeve - this style is fun and feminine without being overly extravagant.

puff sleeve blouse elegant in white solid colour

Latest fashion trends are becoming partial to Artsy style which is much about creativity, leveraging unusual silhouettes and unique shapes, while remaining faithful to comfort and freedom of movement.

This fashion style is for highly creative people who love to experiment . If you are bold and creative and love to experiment with different combinations of items . If you like to dress to be able to deliver a subliminal message to society making a statement for yourself so that you stand up for the things that you believe in then this style is definitely for you. 

Puff sleeves will add the touch of femininity and lightness to your image.  It is not necessary to choose sleeves that are too bulky - you can limit yourself to a small hint of lantern sleeves in a modern interpretation.  Similar models of blouses can easily fit into a strict office dress code and upgrade your look for a party - is this not a dream?  Such blouses can easily win the attention of others.  At least - thanks to its shape.  Wear these blouses with wide-leg jeans to balance the proportions and an accent belt that will emphasize your waistline.  Another option is to combine a blouse with voluminous sleeves with skinny jeans or tight-fitting trousers with slits - for maximum contrast of proportions.  So that you are definitely not mistaken with the choice of a fashionable blouse, we have looked through the current collections of brands and collected all the best in the selection below.👇



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