A gift that will please - choosing personalized jewelry for Mother's Day

A gift that will please - choosing personalized jewelry for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a great occasion to express love and gratitude to the dearest person. Quite often, adult children and attentive husbands when choosing a gift stop at jewelry that symbolizes the value of their mother in the life of each person. Finding a worthy precious gift is not easy – it is necessary to take into account the type of personality and her individual tastes. We offer five portraits of mothers, among which everyone will definitely recognize their own. This will help to choose the right jewelry for her.

Mom is a fan of the classics

  • Outwardly quite strict, restrained in the manifestation of emotions (it is quite possible that she is a teacher or doctor).
  • Likes restrained colors in clothes, business suits.
  • Prefers strict hairstyles.
  • As a rule, he dresses up "on occasion", and at the same time adheres to the traditional rules of style: combine the color of shoes, accessories and handbags, as well as pick up lipstick in the tone of the manicure.


Such women will be pleased with discreet, but elegant jewelry. For example, a classic chain of yellow gold with charm pieces shining and sparkling stones that are the optimal combination of elegance and luxury,. 

Hint! How to present

Instead of the usual colors, complement the gift with a pleasant trifle - a plant in a pot or a box of chocolates.

Gorgeous Mom

  • Her image is carefully thought out, noticeable in any company, attractive in appearance, including thanks to jewelry.
  • Loves and knows how to wear furs, jewelry, evening dresses.
  • Prefers unusual and impressive accessories.
  • Loves social events, theatrical premieres and cruises on ocean liners.

The chic lady is waiting for the best, and she will definitely like a set with stones, and scattered zircons.We recommend playing with nature inspired charms : butterflies or dragonflies. This will bring a note of freshness and ease.

Hint! How to present

Complete the gift with a card and don't forget to sign it: "These charms are as gorgeous as you."

Active Mom


  • Slim and attractive, leads a healthy lifestyle, loves to travel and just loves noisy holidays (often arranges them herself).
  • Tries to follow the trends, buys glossy magazines.
  • Looks stylish in any situation: from a walk in the park to a business meeting.
  • Able to create an up-to-date image with the help of a couple of accessories.


This mom will definitely appreciate the jewelry, the design of which meets the fashion trends. So that the husband and children do not puzzle over the gift, looking through fashion magazines, experts offer an actual gift option - an elegant bracelet-chain of white gold with sparkling stones. A variety of chains with the addition of colored stones is an unconditional trend of the season.


Hint! How to present


Hide the jewelry box inside the lush bouquet.


Pragmatic Mother


  • Measured, calm, peaceful, loves when everything goes according to plan, is skeptical of changes, feels great in a familiar and cozy environment.
  • Often wears familiar and favorite things.
  • Can buy several identical trousers or dresses if he feels comfortable in them.

A fan of convenience, even in small things, will like light, almost weightless jewelry. The main goal is that the products are not felt when worn. One of the most attractive solutions suitable for daily outfits of any style are classic rings-paths with a scattering of diamonds or zircons. Jewelers recommend choosing models with in-depth planting of precious stones, when they are practically recessed in the shredder of the product. Then diamonds will definitely not accidentally cling to clothes or hair.


Hint! How to present


Pay attention to the choice of an interesting box for a gift. Perhaps a box in which the headset will be stored later.


Dreamy Mom


  • Most often she can be found in the park, reading a book or even writing her own, it seems that she is constantly hovering in the clouds and her thoughts.
  • Loves feminine looks: pastel colors, delicate dresses, lush skirts, lace and hats.
  • Prefers loose hairstyles.
  • Appreciates gifts with meaning.


The sublime nature is touched to tears by a gift with a special meaning – for example, a ring and a pendant in the shape of a heart from the Flirt collection. The peculiarity of jewelry in "live" diamonds is that thanks to the two-point fastening, the precious stone dances, capturing every movement of its owner. Jewelry seems to flirt with the beholder, reacting to the slightest fluctuations in light, constantly swaying and fascinating with its brilliance.

Hint! How to present

Focus on the emotional entourage: give a headset along with a family photo taken in advance.

Bright Mom


  • Bold and persistent, has her own firm convictions and the only correct point of view, and that is why she is not too interested in the opinion of others about herself or her outfits.
  • Loves to change images, is not afraid of shocking, bright colors and bold styles.
  • Appreciates the uniqueness and original design in any thing.

A creative mother will certainly like jewelry, the design of which stands out from the general series. Non-standard shapes, twisted lines, a combination of white and yellow gold and a diamond (like a cherry on a cake) in a ring and earrings from the Enigma collection are perfect as a designer gift for a fan of non-standard solutions. The advantage of all models of the collection is a visual secret, thanks to which the diamonds in the jewelry seem much larger. Jewelers fixed the precious stones on a special plate of white gold, processed as if it were an extension of the diamond.

 Hint! How to present

Hide the gift in an unexpected place, put it as a decoration for dessert or pack it in a cream box on the dressing table. The main thing is to make sure that the gift is definitely noticed!

Motherhood reveals deep facets in a woman, no matter how old her children are. And the attention of family members allows you to open up even more, filling with reciprocal love and energy.


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