Beach cover-ups are spectacular addition to your summer look - cover-up dresses to wear on your next getaway

Beach cover-ups are spectacular addition to your summer look - cover-up dresses to wear on your next getaway

Put on beach dresses for elegant ideas this 2022 Summer season.

A beach dress is nothing new, but it's a classic thing to carry in a beach bag. Feminine and sexy outfit is an indispensable thing in the summer season. It is comfortable in hot weather, and the fabrics from which they are made dry quickly. The dress for the beach is available in a variety of styles and models, which allows you to find the perfect option according to any taste. Here's a collection of the most popular types of beach dresses and ideas and how to use them.

Maxi-dress for the beach

For those who want to look elegant on the beach, it is worth betting on long ankle models. To emphasize the figure with the help of a maxi dress, short and overweight women should bet on lengthening details, such as a neckline or cut.

Short beach dress

A beach mini dress is one of the most popular and daring options. The short model is very functional and covers the hip area, suitable for people with different height and physique. For stylish bows, choose a translucent dress with machine embroidery and 7/8 sleeves. A model with short sleeves and a deep V-neck lengthens the figure.


Wearing Acover-up tunic or a dress to the beach or in hot weather allows you to hide from the sun, but at the same time leaves your swimsuit in full view. The open model can be either short or long and creates a vertical line that elongates the body. The beach cover-ups are also suitable for women with a pear shape.

Lace dresses for the beach

In the list of dresses for a beach outing, lace models are one of the favorite options. The lace gives a touch of transparency and shows off your swimwear.

Knitted beach dresses

Among the many styles of beachwear, one option is the crochet dress. This model is a unique handmade item, so finding a similar dress on the beach is almost reduced to none.

Long Sleeves

Since the beach look leaves the body more open, a great way to balance it  with a long sleeve beach dress. Long sleeves can be used on both mini dresses and maxi dresses, and in both cases they make the product more elegant.

Plus-size beach dress for women

Some women are afraid to wear beach dresses of large sizes .Vsually increased proportions are common among overweight women, but this barrier must be overcome. To make the physique narrower, bet on models with details that create a vertical line. Prints also visually lengthen the silhouette and hide the flaws of the figure. Beach outfits in a check or polka dots, vertical stripes meet fashion trends as well even on vacation.

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