Beautiful backless summer dresses - romantic and feminine: how to wear and style

Beautiful backless summer dresses - romantic and feminine: how to wear and style

Dress with open back.

Long dresses with open back

 3 Options for the design of the cutout Few outfits can be compared in their spectacularity with an evening dress with an open back. If you want to impress others, wear it for the celebration! A stylish dress with an open back, the photo of which is on the site, invariably attracts men's eyes. However, it is very important not to cross the fine line separating sexuality from tastelessness. If you listen to the advice of stylists, this will never happen! 

backless orange asymmetric summer dress

Features of open-back dresses:

 Before you decide on this purchase, check yourself. First, your posture should be immaculately straight and even. In the photo, a dress with an open back looks good only in this case. If you suffer from posture disorders, the effect will be very blurred. Secondly, the condition of the skin of the back must be impeccable. With a combination of these factors, you will be irresistible! Of course, the features of this sexy style of dresses can vary for different models. But there are also basic rules that are relevant almost always: as a rule, the neckline on the back is in cocktail and evening dresses. However, you can also find everyday dresses of this style.

 Undoubtedly, it takes a certain amount of courage to wear them. For example, dresses with an open back, photos of short and long variants are here. You can decide for yourself whether you would wear such a model for a walk or a date; The depth of the cutout can range from modest to provocative. Of course, only very confident girls can afford a neckline below the waist! But the neckline to the shoulder blades is more of a standard for evening gowns than outrageous. The shape of the cutout is also different; the front of such a dress is usually made very strictly. The emphasis is on the shape and depth of the cutout.


 Moreover, stylists do not recommend opening the legs or neckline if the neckline is large; for greater effect, decor is often applied to the neckline - rhinestones, embroidery, lace. 


Summing up, we can say that an open back is suitable for everyone, if you follow the rules. Of course, slender girls will look great in such dresses. But evening dresses with an open back, photos of which are here, go to curvy ladies! It is very important to choose the style of your figure, then it remains only to enjoy the attention.

Popular styles with open back:

open back sleeveless romantic feminine backless summer dress in blue colour

Some girls can't decide which dress suits them best: long or short. Undoubtedly, everyone decides for themselves, but there are rules for evening dresses. For example, a long dress allows you to create an image of an elegant woman at any party. It is appropriate both at the school ball and at family celebrations. On the other hand, a floor-length dress requires high heels.

backless sexi mini dress elegant summer sexy dress

With the rarest of exceptions, long dresses are worn with an elegant stiletto. Perhaps only outfits in the Greek style look good in combination with sandals. Short evening dresses with an open back can look provocative. But with the right balance of elegance and sexuality, the girl in this dress looks amazing. Be sure to consider the theme of the event when choosing a cutout. For example, a family holiday allows bold styles, but it is better to observe moderation. At a corporate party, it is better to dress strictly to avoid non-working discussion of your figure. Short dresses with open back Shortened models with an open back have been at the peak of fashion for several years. Many fashion designers presented their version of this popular style to the public. Undoubtedly, all fashionistas call evening and cocktail dresses made of shiny fabric the hit of the season. If you want a more concise design, it's worth considering low-key fabrics. It can be silk, satin, viscose, knitwear. A monochromatic short dress creates a magnificent image with a "zest" in the form of a cutout. See also: Boho photo dresses Stylists advise girls of short stature not to abandon short dresses. It is believed that such a length hides growth and is not suitable for miniature young ladies. However, models with a very lush skirt decorate the low ones. Form-fitting styles are designed for an ideal figure. If you're happy with your shapes, choose an open-back case! In conclusion, we can say that a short dress with a neckline is an almost universal option. But do not forget about one important detail: the deeper the neckline, the shorter the legs look. Therefore, without shoes with heels can not do. Long dresses with open back If you need a really elegant dress, it should be long. All fashion collections of this season confirm this rule. A thin fabric combined with an original cut makes a long dress elegant and sexy. Draperies, fur, feathers and rhinestones, floral prints - these are the current trends. Dresses in the Greek style are very harmoniously combined with the neckline on the back. This outfit is associated with the sea, the sun and golden beaches. A very interesting and fashionable novelty of this season is trains. In combination with a deep neckline, the train of air fabric looks very elegant. Cutout design options Designers offer cutout options for every taste. Of course, it is worth stopping at the style that perfectly suits your build and style. Stylists recommend some of the most relevant cutout options: trimmed upper back. Undoubtedly, this is the most restrained and elegant style of the cutout. Sometimes it can be complemented by drapery. However, you should be very careful in its implementation: the cutout should lie perfectly. Therefore, it is so difficult to achieve a beautiful fit on purchased dresses and you have to sew to order; crossed straps or straps. They can be of the same fabric as the dress. Can be decorated with rhinestones and lace. It's great if you have the freedom to maneuver in fitting their length; Double cutout. Perhaps the most provocative and bold version of the open back. If you decide on it, make sure that the laundry is not visible. See also: Dress bathrobe with smell photo In addition, an imitation of a cutout on the back is very popular. If you're not brave enough for a real cutout, wear this dress. The neckline in it is covered with a flesh-colored fabric. At a distance, a complete illusion of a naked body is created! Before you shine at the party, check whether you will be able to achieve the desired effect. For example, you can visit a cosmetologist in advance and do a cleaning. So you can know for sure that your back will cause admiring sighs, and not sympathetic ones. Do not forget about muscle tone. In order for the neckline to look good, regular exercise is necessary. A visit to the hall or swimming pool will bring you into the right shape. Shoes for a dress with a neckline must be necessarily in high heels. A gross stylistic error is an open heel, do not repeat it. Underwear is also very important. In no case should the straps be visible. Even if they are silicone and you are sure that they are not noticeable. Believe me, very noticeable! Wear a strapless bra or straps around your neck. The bravest ladies can do without this item of clothing. It is also better to abandon loose hair. Really, why open your back if your hair covers it? Make a high hairstyle and you are ready to conquer and surprise!

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