Beautiful paintings with roses and butterflies- Wall Art Decor Ideas

Beautiful paintings with roses and butterflies- Wall Art Decor Ideas

Here's our collection of beautiful paintings featuring roses and butterflies:

Roses serve as a source of inspiration for many people. Songs and poems are composed about roses, they are depicted on canvases by painters, and young romantics draw buds in the margins of notebooks.

Finding a flower that is more popular than a rose is not an easy task. Today, there are about 150 species and 30,000 varieties of roses. This plant  rightfully bears the title of "queen of flowers": almost every summer people grow roses on their yards.

The rose is a rather complex symbol with many meanings and interpretations, depending on the color and stage of the flower's life cycle. So, in European culture, a red rose means passion and sensuality, a white rose means charm and purity, and the combination of these colors symbolizes the unity of opposites.

In Eastern mythology, the analogue of the rose is the lotus - a symbol of spiritual life and immortality.

An unopened rosebud is an emblem of innocence, and a fading flower "reminds" of the transience of life. In general, if we summarize information from history and culture, we can say that the rose symbolizes perfection and love. Let's look at the plots of the canvases, in which an important role is assigned to roses.

Ladies with roses

Charm, mystery, beauty - that's what unites the rose with the nature of a woman. For centuries, masters have been inspired and continue to be inspired by female images, while certainly depicting no less beautiful rosebuds on canvases with beautiful ladies.

Both adherents of the academic direction in painting and opponents of traditions left masterpieces, the invariable heroines of which are women and roses.

In the this series of workarts, the rose has a leading role. The still life genre allows the artist to experiment freely, moving objects in space and thus creating a world of artificial reality.

The masters of this genre strive to depict an ordinary object in such a way that it acquires individuality on the canvas and sparkles with new colors. Pay attention to how the views of artists differ on what seems to be the same subject - a rose flower.


To convey in the canvas the beauty of nature (primordial or transformed by man) so that the viewer feels the breath of the wind, the warmth of sunlight, the coolness of the night or the scent of flowers, only the masters of the landscape genre can do.

Take a look at these works and feel the fragrant smell of roses depicted by talented artists in their paintings.


Despite all the "traditionality" of the rose, this flower as a source of inspiration attracts not only representatives of classical painting, but also avant-garde artists and artists working in the direction of surrealism.

Paradoxical forms, phantasmagoric plots and references to sources significant for the authors, encrypted in the paintings and their names - that's what fascinates in the creations of these masters.

We hope that you are inspired by our selection! Share in the comments your favorite paintings with images of roses.

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