Blouse with lantern sleeves will give lightness and charm to the image | Fashionable Sleeves 2022/3

Blouse with lantern sleeves will give lightness and charm to the image | Fashionable Sleeves 2022/3

Blouse with lantern sleeves will give lightness and charm to the image 

One of the main fashion trends of spring, which has become an indispensable part of the women's wardrobe, is voluminous sleeves.  Both blouses and dresses with this design look very impressive.  Hurry up and try out the 80s trend, reborn this spring!  Don't be afraid that this piece of clothing will add volume to your figure, making you look fuller.  With the right combination, you can achieve the perfect balance and make the image dazzling. 

Puff Sleeve Blouses

Women's blouses appeared at the end of the XIX century and since then are the most popular clothes. It is these products that perfectly fit the silhouette, emphasising femininity and sexuality. 

Among the many styles, a blouse with lantern sleeves stands out, which adds lightness and charm to the female image. If the right size and model is chosen, the girl becomes ephemeral and airy, feeling like a real queen. 

Such pieces are considered universal and are suitable for parties, walks, festive events and official meetings.  

Sexy Off Shoulder Printed Cherry Lantern Blouse Women Long Sleeve Slash Neck Tops Vintage Holiday White Top Shirt Blusas

Stylish blouses and tops with voluminous sleeves can be worn at any time of the year.  They are ideal for a solemn exit, and for an ordinary walk in the park.  If it is important for you to separate day and evening outfits, then in the morning choose a top made of cotton fabric.  Make evening dresses more solemn.

Lantern Sleeve High Waist Tunic

Sleeves are an integral part of clothing, and fashion can also change on them. If you follow the trends, and want to learn about the novelties of the season, your attention is invited to a full list of stylish styles, among which you will definitely like several options. 

 Blouse models with lantern sleeves.

   The name of the sleeve speaks for itself. Slightly assembled on the shoulders or cuff, the elements of the blouse in the form of a flashlight become the highlight of the product, accentuating the style and image. The visual perception of the image depends on the length of the sleeve and the material. If you want to look sexy, wear a long-sleeved blouse with guipure flashlights. Transparent elements will add femininity, mystery and romance to your image. Three-quarter sleeves are a classic style, suitable for any time of the year. Blouses with short and medium sleeves are a summer version of models for everyday wear and office work.  Models of blouses with lantern sleeves: Straight and fitted. Short and elongated. Off shoulder and dropped shoulder. With cutout or neckline. With or without a round, square collar. With peplum, frill, flounces or wrap. With a belt, decorative elements or without decorations.

 Tips and advice from experts As decorative elements, bows, ribbons, buttons, applications are used. Interesting products with oriental print or leopard pattern, floral colors or combined shades. 

A white blouse with lantern sleeves and individual elements looks beautiful. Black products with a white belt or red blouses with black sleeves look especially extravagant.   

Materials for the manufacture of blouses   Samples are made of different materials - satin, cotton knitwear, silk, cotton, viscose, synthetics. Often combine fabrics, making elements from different materials. An attractive knitted blouse with lace sleeves will decorate any woman. Products of their cotton with the addition of elastin under the corset and translucent sleeves of lanterns will add harmony to the silhouette and elegance to the female image. Silk loose models with three-quarter sleeves are preferable to wear ladies with curvy shapes.   Color solutions of blouses   As for the shades of blouses, there are a huge number of them. Designers offer summer bright models - blue, yellow, green, red, with a floral print. Demi-season models are black, burgundy, dark brown and white with a monochromatic belt or bow. On the catwalks, new collections of blouses with lantern sleeves are presented annually - bright, shocking products with new cuts and long-forgotten styles. In the photo you can see vintage models, classic shapes and samples in retro or modern style.   

How to choose blouses with sleeves with flashlights   

 When choosing products, you should pay attention to the features of the figure. Women with full arms are better off wearing long or three-quarter sleeves. Full hips can be hidden with long blouses. For girls with thin arms, it is advisable to use blouses with voluminous puffed sleeves of medium length. A wide selection of styles and colors allows you to emphasize your own individuality, create an elegant silhouette and the perfect look! How to wear puff sleeve blouses?   There are a lot of combinations of composing an ensemble. You can wear a short blouse with jeans or a coton skirt. Loose products will fit with leggings or tight trousers. Black skirt - pencil looks great with a white blouse with a sleeve flashlight of any volume. The summer ensemble is blouses with a smell or an open neckline with a small sleeve flashlight in combination with shorts. What to wear blouses with, it's up to you to decide. The choice of clothing depends on the color of the hair, the characteristics of the physique and taste preferences. The solid length of the blouses will hide the flaws of the figure, the excessive fullness of the hips and abdomen. If girls want to add volume, then free puffy sleeves are the best way to cope with this task. Under the blouses, absolutely all elements of the wardrobe are suitable - skirts, straight and flared trousers, sundresses, vests, shorts. It is important to make the right combination of clothes, then you will look elegant and fashionable.   How to choose accessories for blouses?   

Of great importance in creating a female image are jewelry, decorative elements and accessories. Such a small detail as a brooch or chiffon scarf will become the accent of your style. A bow on the shoulder will create a festive image, lace or embroidered elements will add charm and femininity. Under the blouses with sleeves lanterns suitable costume jewelry, belts, scarves, straps. Moreover, you should not use too bright jewelry, they should be a tone higher than the shade of the blouse. Red products look harmonious with black or burgundy beads. White products will be decorated with pearl white beads or a silver chain. A monochromatic blouse with a dark belt or a clock of a contrasting color looks beautiful. Add eccentricity to a wide-brimmed hat or a chic bright handbag. The bag can be the same tone as the blouse or slightly different in color. It is preferable to wear high-heeled shoes, but flat-soled shoes or boats are allowed. .

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