Blouses for autumn and winter 2022-2023: stylish trends

Blouses for autumn and winter 2022-2023: stylish trends

According to stylists, in the fall of 2022, blouses should become an indispensable element of the wardrobe of every woman and girl.

It is suitable for every day and for the celebration, the main thing is to choose the right models and correctly make bows. When putting together fashion outfits, it is important to take into account the color of the items. Modern models are so diverse that every lady should be able to choose the ideal version of the blouse for herself. To give the image respectability and elegance, fashion meters recommend choosing restrained, strict and concise styles. 

blouse in silk material long sleeve

If you want the appearance of tenderness and femininity, you should make a choice in favour of blouses with flounces, ruffles, and draperies. 

Fashionable styles of blouses for autumn and winter 2022-2023 

Blouses autumn-winter 2022 are stylish, fashionable, elegant, strict or, conversely, delicate and feminine styles. Their range is so wide that when choosing a suitable model, you can be confused about which of them to give preference to. That is why stylists recommend fashionistas to have several blouses in their wardrobe for different occasions. 

At the fashion shows of the autumn-winter collections of 2022-2023, famous couturiers surpassed themselves. The most relevant will be the following styles.

ruffled silk blluse 

For those girls and women who dress in such a way as to emphasize their sexuality, tenderness and femininity, fashion metres have prepared blouses with ruffles, flounces and frills for the fall-winter 2022-2023. Having dressed in such products, the appearance immediately acquires a touch of tenderness and innocence. Such fashionable blouses for autumn 2022, decorated with frills and flounces, were vividly demonstrated in the collections of famous designers. 

Fashionable blouses for autumn-winter 2022-2023 are characterised by voluminous sleeves. Such models also belong to the number of romantic and feminine styles. After a long stay in the shade, blouses with voluminous sleeves are confidently returning to the fashion Olympus. Such styles were most clearly presented during fashion shows by Delpozo and Balenciaga.

voluminous sleeve blouse

 The volume can be in any part of the sleeve - in the shoulder area, in the middle of this element of clothing, below the elbow, on the cuffs themselves. 

ovluminous sleeve blouse

Long sleeves on the cuffs and incredibly voluminous in the upper part resemble the outfits of ladies in the Middle Ages. Such styles are more suitable for creating solemn images intended for "going out into the world", for everyday wear it is better to give preference to more restrained and practical options. 

If you compare such styles with blouses, in which the sleeves fit tightly around women's hands, the former look will be more fresh and interesting. 

Blouses with long sleeves and high collars.

 Among the fashionable blouses of autumn-winter 2022-2023, it is impossible to pass by classic models with long sleeves. Without them, not a single wardrobe of a modern business woman can do. With the help of such clothes, you can easily create a presentable and elegant image, both for business negotiations and meetings, and for official solemn events. 

high collar blouse in silk material

In this fashion season, there is one novelty for such blouses. Long sleeves should not end at the brush, as it was before, they should completely cover them. Such a stylish design technique was simultaneously offered by several eminent fashion houses, including John Galliano. The elongated sleeves give the image a touching and to some extent a slight carelessness, so relevant in recent times. Blouses with long sleeves in a new interpretation can not but attract the attention of even the most sophisticated fashionistas. 

A bright decorative technique, which many designers use when creating their collections, in 2022 became high collars. Such styles are intended exclusively for women and girls with swan necks. Blouses with high stand collars give the image sophistication and nobility. In order for them to look harmonious, and the image is not overloaded, a high collar should be the only decorative element. By themselves, such models look elegant and luxurious, so they do not require additional decoration. 

In addition to aesthetic appeal, these models are also practical, in the autumn-winter season they protect the neck from cold and wind. 

Blouses for autumn 2022 with a high collar in the form of a large ruffle were presented at the shows of  Brands Natalia Gart, Temperley London. Models with high collars were seen in the collections of Sonia Rykie, Les Copains, Eudon Choi. 

fashion blouses autumn winter 2022/23

Classic models of fashionable women's blouses for autumn and winter.

In the fall 2022 trend, classic-style blouses are presented in a completely new interpretation. In the new season, fashion metres are actively using denim and dense poplin - fabrics that were previously used extremely rarely when creating classic blouses and shirts. Well-known couturiers decorate them in every possible way, using the following elements: patch pockets; rounded collars; beads used to embroider fabric; multi-colored prints; unusual buttons; Basque. Stylists recommend wearing such styles to the most extravagant women of fashion over tight knitted turtlenecks with a high neck. 

unusual asymmetric tops blouses styles

Unusual styles of women's blouses

 On the catwalks during fashion shows, quite unusual styles of blouses were demonstrated. 

The straight line of the shoulders, which protrude significantly at the edges, conquered many stylists. Interestingly, such models can be worn by both really fragile and miniature girls, and the owners of fairly large shapes and proportions of the body. Broad shoulders, on the contrary, hide such a lack of a female figure. Such blouses were worn by women in the 80s. Do not count on a gentle, romantic and feminine effect from such clothes. It will give female representatives severity and restraint. Some fashion meters even decided to give additional volume to the already wide shoulders, decorating this part of the product with flounces and ruffles. 

asymmetric off shoulder blouse

Despite the complete opposite of styles with a wide top line, women's blouses of autumn-winter 2022-2023 with open shoulders were called fashionable along with them. True, they have only one purpose - the creation of festive evening bows. This is the undisputed leader among girls who want to give their appearance sexuality and seduction. 

blouse in silk and lace

Blouses made of lace and satin In the list of the most fashionable blouses of the autumn-winter 2022-2023 season, which have become a trend, there are models made of thin lace. They will give tenderness and romance to any image. Stylists recommend using such models mainly in the formation of evening and elegant images. If you choose a blouse made of dense lace, through which the body and underwear do not shine through, you can safely wear it to work. 

Elegant blouses made of satin do not give up their leading positions. They are worn mainly by admirers of stylish, luxurious and presentable items of women's wardrobe. In fashion in the fall of 2022, satin blouses of such styles: with a bow around his neck; in the form of a classic shirt; with a basque; with open shoulders; with lantern sleeves. 

satin blouse

Elegant blouses made of satin in different styles are presented by fashion houses Haus Alkire, Hellessy, Baum and Pferdgarten. When choosing satin blouses, stylists recommend taking into account one feature: this material looks perfect only against the background of impeccable facial skin. With any shortcomings of appearance - rashes, age spots or pronounced wrinkles, such clothes will not look beautiful. Fashion meters decorate satin blouses with all kinds of decor - ruffles, flounces, jabot collars, lantern sleeves. All these elements will make the female image even more festive and solemn. 

At the peak of popularity in the fall of 2022, there will also be fashionable blouses made of transparent fabrics.

patchwork lace blouse

Models made of incredibly thin chiffon did not go unnoticed by stylists and fashionistas. Translucent fabrics are able to unobtrusively demonstrate the seductive curves of the female body and attract the attention of the opposite sex. In the trend of the autumn-winter season 2022-2023, blouses with prints. They confidently moved from past collections to new ones, without losing their relevance. Large and small peas, a cage, flowers, geometric shapes will decorate women's blouses in 2022. 

printed silk quality silk blouse

Representatives of the female sex, whose wardrobe is designed in a classic style, will certainly like white blouses. They are used by fashion designers in high and casual fashion, suitable for all women and girls, easily combined with other elements of the outfit. White blouses are especially widely represented in the autumn-winter collection of Carolina Herrera. The designer complements his models with jabot collars, contrasting finishes in the form of collars, cuffs, buttons and bows, combines different types of fabrics....

white blouse

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