Blouses made of silk – latest designs and how to choose.

Blouses made of silk – latest designs and how to choose.

Blouses made of silk – how to choose.

Silk blouses not only have a wonderful appearance, but also have many useful properties. They have a positive effect on blood circulation, calm the nervous system, and sometimes even help eliminate muscle pain. Natural silk is distinguished by beauty, strength and hypoallergenicity.

In such a blouse is very comfortable in the hot season, because natural fabric perfectly passes air. A blouse made of natural silk is not cheap, but maximum comfort is guaranteed in any weather.

Made of artificial silk

Models of blouses made of artificial silk in appearance are in no way inferior to clothes made of natural material. But the characteristics are significantly different. In such a blouse will be uncomfortable throughout the day.

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Silk models can be of free or fitted cut. Each option looks beautiful, elegant and stylish. To emphasize the waist line, the blouse can be tucked into trousers or a skirt.

Silk blouses on buttons, in a peasant style, or decorated with unique prints are in trend. The best option is a classic blouse with a traditional collar and dim buttons.

Do not forget about blouses with a basque, which look feminine and fashionable. This model can have long or short sleeves. It focuses on the waist line, makes the silhouette slimmer, so it is ideal for fat women.

Silk blouses slightly extended to the bottom are also a great option for girls with curvy shapes. They hide the flaws of the figure.

Asymmetrical models of silk blouses look extraordinary, exclusive. They may have an uneven bottom or one open shoulder. In such clothes, the girl will look charming and attractive.


The most popular is the V-neck, which allows you to emphasize the elegant female neck. Models of blouses with such a neckline can have both long and short sleeves.

This blouse should be worn with trousers or jeans of a straight cut. Loose V-neck models look perfectly in tandem with skinny jeans or straight-style skirts.

A wide cut-out boat allows you to visually increase the shoulders, so it is preferred by girls with full hips. A deep neckline can allow the owner of an ideal figure and beautiful breasts.


Long sleeves are often found in classic strict silk blouses. But the model can be easily transformed into an everyday one if you wrap your sleeve up to the elbow.


Silk blouses with 3/4 sleeves look spectacular. The ideal decoration will be a bracelet on the arm. In such a blouse, you can go to both work and a party.

silk blouse for spring

Popular colors and prints

White and black color never goes out of fashion, and today blouses in these colors are often found at fashion shows.

With a black silk blouse, you can create many stylish bows.

The white blouse is distinguished by femininity and elegance. It is ideal for the embodiment of office style in tandem with black trousers or a skirt, and also looks stylish in combination with jeans or shorts for every day.

You can also find blouses in delicate pastel colors. If you prefer saturated shades, you should pay attention to red or blue models. Blue or olive color is also in vogue.

Designers offer a wide range of models with prints on floral or animalistic themes. 

Silk blouses are often decorated with a variety of elements:

  1. Models with jabot look rich and aristocratic.
  2. Blouses decorated with flounces or ruffles will help create a gentle and light image. This option is ideal for a romantic date or a solemn event. This model can be worn with both trousers and skirts.

Fashion trends

Silk is a practical, convenient and beautiful material, so this season designers did not bypass it. They offer luxurious, exclusive models of silk women's blouses.

What to wear?

The combination of white and black is ideal for the embodiment of a strict bow in a business style. With a snow-white blouse of a man's cut, black classic trousers look beautiful.

If you want to look stylish at meetings with friends, then flared trousers will suit a white silk blouse, while the top can be decorated with a variety of elements - ruffles, jabot, flounces. To complement such a bow will help black shoes with high heels and a fashionable clutch.

For a business bow, long-sleeved blouses in delicate pastel colors are perfect. They can be combined with midi-length skirts. At the same time, you should adhere to the rule: if the blouse is monophonic, then the skirt can be decorated with a print and, conversely, a monochromatic bottom must be selected for a bright blouse with decor.

Today, elongated silk blouses are in trend. Often they are presented in the military style. They go well with 3/4 length pants, lessings or breeches. In such an outfit, you can go for a walk or a romantic meeting.

When choosing accessories for a silk blouse, it is necessary to start from the chosen style. For example, a business bow can be decorated with a small pendant on a chain. For an evening outing, exquisite and expensive jewelry is suitable. The main thing is not to overdo it, because silk blouses look bright and elegant.

A tandem of a free-cut silk blouse with narrowed trousers or a pencil skirt looks beautiful. Girls of short stature prefer to wear blouses with a V-neck with straight jeans.

Spectacular Photos:

A snow-white sleeveless blouse with discreet buttons is in perfect harmony with tight-fitting blue jeans. This outfit is perfect for a stylish casual look. A free-cut black blouse with a long sleeved sleeve can be worn with white jeans. To emphasize the waist line, the blouse should be tucked into jeans.

To embody a business image, you can use a classic combination - a white blouse with a V-neck, with long sleeves and black straight-cut trousers. For hot summers, you can wear a pink silk blouse of a free cut with a slightly flared short sleeve in combination with white shorts. Bold, bright and stylish.

Women's blouses made of silk Bring attractive elegance to the appearance. Stylists and beautiful ladies give them their preference for the excellent ability to easily fit into both the daytime and evening image, to form the basis for a business appearance or a weekend bow. To choose the right model, you should learn about the intricacies of the style, their choice and the completion of this kind of blouses.  

Silk blouses are considered to be the most feminine item of clothing. And it's all about the material from which they are sewn – silk.

As you can see, there are many options for combining such a piece as a woman's silk blouse. And how stylish a beautiful lady will look in it depends only on whether she has chosen and combined the right model..

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