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Boho Style jewelry - The Butterfly Effect - Boho and tribal jewellery inspiration

Boho style jewelry - features and trends.

Surely you have heard the expression "boho style" .You might have even found a meaning for this term. Do you know what boho precious jewelry is? Why are they named that way? What are their distinguishing features? And how to pick the ideal boho precious jewelry to look trendy and modern?

Today we will discuss such a trending phenomenon as boho fashion jewelry. Let's discover where this style originated from, what it was transformed into. And why modern ladies of fashion are so connected to it. And obviously, we will be motivated by the brightest and sharpest looks with boho jewelry.

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Are you prepared for freedom of expression?

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What is boho design - history of origin
The boho chic design gets its name from the abbreviated "Bohemian" (bohemian). And it originated more than two centuries ago in France.

Bohemian is usually connected with the eccentric lifestyle of artists, intellectuals, writers and those accustomed to coping with precarious incomes.

The flourishing of bohemian culture and design is associated to the Great French Revolution. The outcome of the coup was the total decrease of the previous patronage system. Numerous artists discovered themselves in hardship. They were forced to lead a nomadic lifestyle, searching for alternative methods of self-expression.

A brand-new cult of personality emerged. Any restrictions in art have actually disappeared. Artists could produce whatever they wanted. Wear what they desired. Live as they wanted.

Such artists were compared  with gypsies. Like the Gypsies, they lived outside the bounds of social conventions, declined sincere labor, and wore colorful rags. And given that many individuals used to believe that the gypsies came to Central Europe from Bohemia, they were called "bohemians".

This name was connected to the freethinking artists. And their way of life, and consequently fashion, was called bohemian.
Bohemian women of the 19th century (Liana de Puji, Cleo de Merode, Lola Montes).

The boho design got its 2nd wave in the 60s. XX century. Hippies, "flower kids", became his guide. Hippies opposed the rules imposed by society. Expressed free mind on gender equality, civil rights, drugs and sex.

The hippies revealed their demonstration through their appearance. Ethnic intentions in clothing and fashion jewelry, numerous handicrafts, fringes, flowers, headbands, amulets.

All this gave inspiration to the advancement of boho chic. The style of totally free individuals.

hippie 60s.
70s hippie ladies.

Boho jewelry: unique functions .
Boho is an expression of uniqueness and freedom. A combination of elegance, simplicity, brightness, excess and lightness. A style that does decline frames and stringent rules.

And yet boho jewelry has distinguishing characteristics.

1. Mix of incongruous.

Blending styles is the most striking function of boho. A mix of glamorous and easy, costly and inexpensive, stylish and artistic. A miniature gold bracelet with a massive wooden pendant can quickly exist side-by-side in one look. Leather charm bracelets can easily coexist with ceramic, fabric and even valuable bros. What about rings with pearls and rough stones on one hand?

The abundance of contrasts, materials, textures - all this is boho. At first glimpse, chaotic eclecticism is really an indication of delicate taste. After all, only vibrant, trendy and brilliant can combine incompatible things.

Naturally, we are speaking about effective images. Nevertheless, one ought to not believe that bohemian style is stupid hanging oneself with various-sized precious jewelry. Boho is a mess in which harmony rules. Or rather, it is a new order. Your own. Peerless and mischievous.

locket jewelry in boho style.
bohemian precious jewelry on girl.
mix of incongruous boho jewelry.
2. Intense colors.
Boho is a style that is intense not just in a figurative sense. Earrings with colorful decorations, colorful bracelets and beads, shining stones invariably accompany the bohemian appearance. At the exact same time, along with an attractive palette, pastel colors incredibly exist together. From this community, juicy colors end up being even more expressive.

The most stylish tones of boho fashion jewelry are blue-green, silver, brown-red. And the top place in popularity is blue-green. Enormous stones, artificial and natural, fringes, pendants of all kinds of blue-green tones. Deep greenish to pale blue.

And, naturally, incredible mixes. From black and white to wildly contrasting. All the colors of the rainbow in one look? Why not?

boho jewelry on naked body.
vibrant boho design designs.
brilliant boho style decors.
turquoise boho precious jewelry.
large boho fashion jewelry.
3. Multilayer.

Decorations are simply created to form layering. Numerous chains of various densities and lengths, a set of rings for phalanges, alternation of graceful and large bracelets. All this develops a volumetric impact.

In summer season looks, it is difficult to accomplish layering at the expense of clothing. Designs are ideal for this job. Unlike any other style, in boho you can often find a neighborhood of large fashion jewelry and extravagantly embellished attire. Ruffles and folds on clothes are not a factor to decline enormous, memorable fashion jewelry. On the contrary, such items will only boost the layering result. They will give the image relief and vitality.

boho bracelets on woman.
boho design gold jewelry.
boho jewelry.
boho rings.
multilayer boho.
jewelry beads in boho design.
tiered designs.
4. National flavor.
Ethnic motives are frequently discovered in boho images. First off, they are recreated in styles and accessories, which are applied to bracelets, pendants, along with inset stones and beads. To add ethnic taste, the design can duplicate the shape of the national pattern.

Products play an important role. Stones, beads, lace are typical for the Russian ethno. African taste is wood, fur, animal bones and claws, along with bird feathers. Among bohemian fashion jewelry, Indian motives are specifically popular. The choice of products in this case is huge - from fringe, fur and plumes to metal elements and embroidery.

Ethnic fashion jewelry utilizes plots and themes normal for a particular ethnic group. The Egyptian ethno is identified by geometric patterns, images of gods, pyramids, elegant animals. Slavic concepts are well-known for plant and animal ornaments, in addition to numerous spiritual symbols.

ethnic boho.
ethno fashion jewelry in boho style.
necklace slavic ethno.
ethno locket boho.
boho ethnic jewelry.
ethnic fashion jewelry.
5. Decor.

Accents play an essential function in bohemian looks. Decorative elements are worthy of special attention. Pendants and amulets, tassels, fringes, embroidery, feathers, chains can act in their role. Furthermore, such aspects can be discovered in any kind of jewelry. Whether it is earrings with pendants made of feathers, moving parts, beads of various shapes and lengths. Or bracelets with coins, stone inserts and leather straps. And for lockets and pendants and even stretch. The design here can be of the most strange sizes and shapes.

Do not ignore the layering. The combination of chains with pendants from numerous products, bracelets with and without pendants looks terrific. And also the usage in one image of simple, thin rings and huge rings with stones.

boho choker spiderweb.
tassels on boho beads.
boho style fashion jewelry with feathers.
boho design precious jewelry with stones.
rope pendant.
6. Natural products.
The boho design is characterized by nearness to nature. Boho enthusiasts prefer natural products. Not only in clothing, but also in jewelry. Wood, leather and natural stones are particularly popular. Furthermore, the latter are typically discovered unprocessed. And the most common stones are turquoise, amber, malachite.

Floral wreaths can be utilized as decors. Specifically often they can be found in wedding event looks. Boho wreath is always a juicy accent. For that reason, flowers are picked, as a guideline, intense and different in size.

boho bracelets made of stones.
Bisu made from wood boho design.
boho design wooden designs.
boho flowers in hair.
bohemian bride-to-be.
boho style bridal wreath.
7. Classic spirit.

Bohemian appearances typically have a classic feel. Both genuine vintage products and stylized contemporary ones can be utilized as accessories for such images.

Conventional aspects of vintage in precious jewelry are cameos, big rings, pearls, string beads. The age of products thought about to be vintage is 20-50 years.

Nevertheless, if you desire to include a retro touch to your look, you don't need to scour flea markets for a real vintage. Modern jewelry can do the task just as well.

The aged appearance is well imitated by products made from blackened silver or rhodium-plated metal. The classic spirit creates the existence of openwork elements, big stones, along with an abundance of little information. The most popular themes for such fashion jewelry are animalistic and floral.

vintage boho design fashion jewelry.
decoration vintage boho.
classic boho look.
boho wedding event decors.
boho vintage.
classic boho headband.
8. Handmade.

Amongst enthusiasts of boho style, handicrafts are highly valued. They can be made on your own or purchased from craftsmen. Love for handmade is not unintentional. After all, the bohemian design is, to start with, flexibility of self-expression. Find yourself.

This is a philosophy of character that focuses on self-reliance and naturalness. Special products that carry the energy of the creator are pressing precious jewelry out of the mass market. And because several stylistic instructions can be combined in one image, there are no restrictions in the option of precious jewelry. Community of a stylish embroidered necklace with children's bead bracelets is appropriate, along with a combination of several big bracelets with a miniature cross pendant.

boho design butterfly earrings.
boho handmade precious jewelry.
bohemian handmade fashion jewelry.
boho earrings with tassels.
boho clothing.
boho style shell decorations.
boho beads handmade.
pendant-flower precious jewelry in boho design.
Varieties of bohemian style.
Boho is diverse and complex. It contains many stylistic instructions. The concept of self-reliance and uniqueness stays key. At the same time, components of various styles enhance the symptom of specific qualities of the owner.

Of course, in the boho look, you can discover echoes of any instructions. There are a few of the most noteworthy and cherished ones.

1. Cowboy style.

The characteristic features of this design are convenience, functionality, simplicity. The most appropriate jewelry will be thin chokers on the neck, beads, small bracelets and rings. It is much better to decline voluminous necklaces, in addition to a large number of fashion jewelry on the wrist.

Leather aspects are perfect as materials - cords and bracelets. And likewise decoration in the kind of feathers and fringes. A big brooch used instead of a buckle can end up being an initial element.

boho cowboy fashion jewelry.
cowboy appearance.
cowboy boho.
boho design precious jewelry.
cowboy boho appearance.
boho western.
2. Ethno.
As we already understand, the nationwide taste is clearly manifested in the bohemian style. Not surprising that it looks so ethnic. And considering that the ethno-style has numerous ranges, the option of fashion jewelry is likewise wide. If in traditional ethno it is worth adhering to a specific instructions in one image, then for boho there are no such restrictions. And African-style beads can easily coexist with Indian bracelets.

ethno motives in boho boraz.
ethno locket boho style fashion jewelry.
boho style fashion jewelry ethnic image.
ethno bohemia.
bohemian look with ethnic fashion jewelry.
vibrant boho locket.
3. Appeal.

Style for genuine coquettes. Playful and languid at the exact same time. Metal bracelets, rings and pendants are best for attractive elegant. Natural stones, lace, embroidery will help to make the required accent. Openwork details and intense pendants will look no less harmonious.

Hats are a typical device for an attractive look. You can play up this element of the outfit with an interesting brooch and even a number of.

womanhood and luxury.
Boho appeal is femininity and luxury.

boho design decorations for beach.
boho glamor precious jewelry.
boho trendy decoration.
boho trendy fashion jewelry.
bohemian jewelry glamorous appearance.
glamor and boho.
jewelry bohemian beauty.
boho rings and bracelets.
4. Eco-style.

The key details of sustainable design are natural materials. Bulky shell beads, wood bracelets, flowers - embellish clothing made of cotton, linen, silk with them. And don't forget to add some air to the look. This can be done through large decoration, broad bracelets, ornaments for loose hair.

Eco-style is freshness and naturalness. And together with boho notes, there is also relaxedness.

layered beads boho design jewelry.
leather pendant boho.
eco-friendly boho style.
eco decoration boho style.
designs for eco and boho style.
5. Gypsy boho.
Gypsy and boho traditionally work together. Brightness, shine, mixing of unthinkable textures. Whatever is over the edge here! Substantial sizes, insane shine, variegated colors.

This is the style in which the biggest number of bohemian features appeared at the exact same time. Layering, abundant decoration, ethnic motives, brightness and an abundance of handcrafted components.

For the most independent and daring!

gold boho fashion jewelry.
boho gypsy precious jewelry.
fashion jewelry in the style of gypsy boho.
gypsy boho.
gypsy boho design.
6. Hippie.

The hippie culture has taken a lot from its bohemian sister. Their main difference is in the concept. Boho is flexibility, uniqueness, the look for oneself. Hippies are equality, openness, availability.

Ideology can be traced in the choice of jewelry. Of all, it is affordable precious jewelry made of beads, beads, metal. At the very same time, handicrafts are welcome. They are usually not as chic as traditional boho. Usually these are beads or tiered bracelets. Recently, nevertheless, followers of hippies complement their images with more unbroken and original works than their far-off predecessors.

And obviously, hippies are flowers. Wreaths, arrangements or single flowers woven into the hair.

hippie and boho celebration design.
boho fashion jewelry on hippie lady.
boho hippie necklace.
hippie lady image.
wooden boho hippie decoration.
boho hippie jewelry.
boho style floral decors.
hippie chic.
How to pick boho jewelry.
Following the rules is as easy as shelling pears. It is a lot more hard to break them. What if there are no guidelines at all?

One thing is specific. The boho style suits definitely everyone. Just due to the fact that it implies freedom. The freedom to be yourself. It does not matter if you are a shy or a revolutionary, a thug or a flirt, a woman or a kid. For each there is that special combination of information that will help develop a initial and sincere image.

When picking boho precious jewelry, firstly, you ought to focus on your own lifestyle, character, practices. If you love living to the max, opt for colorful, accent pieces. Use layering in both clothes and jewelry. If you prefer a calm appearance, select some graceful works. Focus not on quantity, but on originality of the mixes. Mix materials and textures. Or, on the contrary, use deals with a similar however unusual style.

bohemian colors in the image.
bohemian lady.
boho stylish fashion jewelry.
boho locket with plumes.
boho style beach designs.
boho lady.
boho style precious jewelry pendant with flowers.
boho jewelry metal.
Concepts for a celebration deserve discussing independently. Bohemian fashion jewelry will completely fit not just into a casual look, but also into a joyful one. Boho wedding events have become popular over the last few years. Floral precious jewelry, thin bracelets and rings with stones are best for a light, airy attire. Flowers in hair or on a dress will look harmonious. Try not to overwhelm the wedding appearance by concentrating on particular parts of the body or face.

Boho fashion jewelry will completely suit the try to find a celebration. Here you can already wander! Use richer colors and more design than your daily looks.

boho bride.
bohemian bride.
jewelry for boho bride.
Boho wedding designs.

boho image for party.
boho style fashion jewelry attractive look.
boho style designs for celebration.
Boho Party Decorations.

Examples of trendy boho looks.
Boho-style precious jewelry fits perfectly into the fashion trends of recent years. Ethnic motives, multi-tiered, richness, the usage of natural materials - all these are today's patterns.

Let's see which bohemian looks are the most appropriate and fascinating today.

Do you know what boho fashion jewelry is? And how to choose the ideal boho fashion jewelry to look stylish and modern-day?

The most stylish shades of boho jewelry are blue-green, silver, brown-red. When picking boho fashion jewelry, first of all, you must focus on your own way of life, character, practices. Boho jewelry will perfectly fit into the appearance for a party.
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