Jewelry with the image of butterflies is one of the directions of jewelry art  that has not lost popularity for many years. Butterflies are a symbol of many processes and concepts in nature. For example, the degeneration of an unpleasant caterpillar into a beautiful winged creature, an easy flight from flower to flower. Perhaps that is why jewelry with this symbol is so beloved and occupies a special niche. And maybe it's also because it's so stylish.

The butterfly in different cultures was a symbol of rebirth, the resurrection of the soul. Its attractiveness and fluttering from one plant to another represents such an aspect of the soul as impermanence. Among the Toltecs, the moth was a divine symbol, its image was applied to the body. And the Japanese perceive the liberation of a butterfly from the cocoon, spreading its wings, as a symbol of a young girl, who for the first time realizes and demonstrates her beauty and grace.

Adherents of the teachings of feng shui consider the butterfly a talisman of love and joy. Often, lovers who start their family life choose wedding rings with the image of butterflies. They should symbolize their transformation and the  transformation in marriage.

There are various reasons for which people prefer accessories in the form of butterflies. Winged creatures, encrusted with stones, decorated with intricate weaves of the thinnest antennae made of precious metals, personify the tender and fragile feelings that the giver feels in relation to the object of his admiration. jewellers create many unique pieces in the form of butterflies, that can be the very gift that stands out against all other jewelry: it can be rings, and earrings, and pendants, and bracelets. Therefore, if you do not have enough words to express your feelings, you can rely on a gift that symbolises love, joy and admiration.

In nature, many butterflies of various species and colors flutter. In jewelry a lot of designs use this image. It can be a product with one butterfly or a few of them around a bright pebble. The wings sometimes take the shape of a heart or rise up above the ring. Earrings - moths are so common that they have already become classics. Sometimes the earring is made in the form of one wing.

Accessories in the form of this beautiful insect today constitute one of the popular modern directions.  These gentle creatures at all times were in honor, among the masters craftsman who embody the beauty of nature's creations in jewelry,.

The butterfly - one of the most charming phenomena of nature - refers to those creatures that always attract our eyes. Admiring its grace, brightness and color, we want to take a closer look at this miracle. The masters of jewelry are trying to reproduce this splendor so that you can admire it at any time, and also so that this beauty adorns the beautiful half of humanity.

Jewelry with meadow beauties is good for both a young and an adult woman. They are able to fit into any image. Butterflies in the hair and on the dress of the baby emphasize her innocence and tender age. Rings, bracelets and necklaces with butterflies made of noble metals and precious stones will emphasize the bold, independent character. Openwork silver and gold products are good for a romantic style. Delicate jewelry with cubic zirconia and other stones will help create the image of a charming naiad. Butterflies with graphic lines are suitable for a more austere style. A magnificent product made of platinum with diamonds will make any woman feel like a queen.

Light and bright jewelry will revive even the most modest outfit. A few "fluttering" butterflies can turn a woman into a forest nymph. In any case, she will attract attention and receive many compliments.

Remarkable jewelry made of the finest wire of noble metals, connected in an elegant pattern. From scanned products, supplemented with enamels, stones and grains (small metal balls), it is difficult to take your eyes off of you.

Gold and silver products or jewelry in the form of a beautiful insect with all kinds of inlays will bring you a feeling of joy and good mood on their delicate wings.

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