Casual chick style for women - 5 distinctive features | casual chic dinner outfit ideas.

Casual chick style for women - 5 distinctive features | casual chic dinner outfit ideas.

Casual style rightfully took its place among other styles.

Distinctive features

Ease, simplicity and conciseness make casual attractive for modern active people.. Those who are able to combine a career with a family and cope with different roles in society. Ease, simplicity and conciseness make casual attractive for modern society. For girls, this style of clothing was born out of the desire to satisfy the needs of those fashionistas who like to dress up easily. For them, convenience is in the first place, but with the preservation of chic and sophistication in the details. This is the characteristic of the casual features: practicality, comfort and elegance.Casual clothes, as a rule, are easily combined with other things, and harmoniously fit into the wardrobe. Freedom from unnecessary elements gives room for imagination and allows you to emphasize individuality.

Ideally monochromatic, discreet, neutral colors: white, gray, black. If you have these in your basic wardrobe, you can buy outfits with inscriptions or stripes, for example.

Pay attention to the models that have a laconic cut, not too formal, that can make your everyday outfit more interesting.

Casual is the perfect space for self-expression. You can choose a wardrobe that suits work, a walk, a picnic outside the city - and still look stylish.


If someone considers casual to be boring, he is deeply mistaken. The casual is diverse and interesting, it can be interpreted in different ways. That is why, over time, this style has grown in different directions: sport casual, street casual, casual chic, business casual etc.

The concept of casual chic was introduced into fashion by the Italian fashion designer Nino Cerruti. He advised to combine incongruous: simple elements with complex, laconic cuts with luxurious accessories. The main task of casual chic is to harmoniously combine elegance, luxury and comfort. It is suitable for people of any shape and height;

The casual style image is devoid of overly dressy items of clothing, attention-grabbing accents. Perceived by others as a whole, it should be clean and fresh;

Casual chic consists of basic items;

It has a Lack of stereotypes. Doesn't dictate what to wear. Casual only gives direction, which means it allows experimentation and little twists. Casual is equally good for a walk in the park, attending a social event, and important negotiations. There is no circumstance where casual, elegant style would not be appropriate. 

Business-casual - a solution for business women in the bustle of the city. A wardrobe in this style is formal, light and practical, which means it is equally good for the office, a business dinner or an urgent flight. Casual chic is perfect for parties and social events.


Dresses and skirts, at least in the classic version, are not a requirement  for casual style. The reason is that dresses, sundresses and skirts remind us of femininity and romance. And the casual style for women prioritizes convenience and simplicity..  But if you're looking for variety, look for styles such as a sweater dress, shirt dress, plain knit dress, and a minimalistic one-piece dress, the simplest straight and spacious models without decor

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