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What to wear a long skirt with: stylish images and ideas

A skirt in every season is a necessary piece in the wardrobe of any woman. Offering skirt models in their collections, designers consider different lengths, and maxi is always present. In past seasons, almost every collection showed maxi skirts, and today on the streets of cities it is very noticeable how much this model is liked, especially in the summer.

A woman in a half-length skirt always looks elegant and feminine, so if you have not yet decided to purchase a long skirt or you have a question about what to wear as a top, look at the images that famous designers offer us in the latest collections.

We combine a long skirt with tops and T-shirts

This option is the most famous to all fashionistas, and for the summer - one of the most attractive ones. A long skirt with a short top or T-shirt stretches the silhouette, demonstrating the slenderness of the figure and increasing height. In the summer, most of us prefer tops and T-shirts. Let's take a look at the images that designers offer us.

What tops to choose for the skirt? It depends on the style of the skirt, the print, the palette and the type of fabric from which the skirt is sewn. Here are a few examples.




Не забывайте, что летом, особенно в пляжном варианте, будет великолепно смотреться образ макси юбки с бра-топом или кроп-топом.



With a shirt

Designers offer to tuck the shirt into a skirt or tie the ends in a knot, that is, to create a long bottom and a short top, which will also emphasise harmony and growth. Depending on the style and type of fabric, images can look businesslike or casual, elegant or elegantly casual. The print and the palette of fabric for the shirt can be anything, but in the combination of a skirt - a shirt, you must choose one with a print - either a shirt, and the skirt is plain, or vice versa. Eternal classics - a snow-white shirt and a skirt in muted shades.



Looks with long skirt and blouse

You can wear a blouse if you want to look more romantic. The blouse can be made of light, airy fabrics, it will be comfortable in the summer in a batista blouse.

Pullovers, sweaters and turtlenecks

In cool weather, a floor-length skirt can be combined with a pullover, sweater and turtleneck. It is better in this case to follow the principle - with a long skirt a short top. The turtleneck can be chosen more tight-fitting, or tucked into a skirt.




Skirt and jacket

Which of the designers will tell us the best images with jackets combined with a long skirt? Of course, we will find similar kits from Armani. Armani is a famous designer, and if we want to find the right solution in choosing a jacket or jacket, then you need to seek advice, first of all, from him.



A long skirt can fit into almost any style. It can be classic, romantic, linen, boho, grunge, minimalism, futurism and many others. The maxi skirt can be worn not only in summer, but also in winter, with a shortened fur coat, sheepskin coat or jacket.



Elegant evening sets

Choosing a skirt, you can create a lot of interesting elegant sets. In this case, the top can be any of the above items.

A skillful combination of the top with a long skirt will create a comfortable, attractive and, at the same time, stylish image.

Just a few decades ago, when you appeared in public in a short skirt, you were doomed to become the centre of everyone's attention – so it was an extravagant and bold act. Today, the situation has radically changed, and the miniskirt has become a familiar phenomenon that is difficult to surprise anyone. And long skirts, which existed on the periphery of fashion for many years, now, on the contrary, are at the peak of popularity.

Modesty and femininity have become relevant again, so it's time to get a maxi skirt. Beautiful and practical, mysterious and romantic, floor-length skirts are one of the most fashionable trends of the new season.

Features of maxi skirts

Long skirts are so different! They have an incredibly rich history, so there are dozens of styles of maxi skirts: from laconic, free silhouettes, to lush, "complex models". Look, for example, at how different the strict pencil skirt and the flirtatious gode skirt are.

The undoubted advantage of long skirts is that they are suitable for women of all ages and builds. A long skirt is the best alternative to trousers. It perfectly hides the problem areas of the lower half of the body and allows you to move freely, while at the same time remaining feminine and elegant.

Popular styles

Let's look at a few of the most interesting and stylish varieties of maxi skirts:

  • A-silhouette. A skirt with a small claw from the waist is a simple, but at the same time spectacular model; free cut, light, thin fabrics - what you need for summer.
  • Sun and semi-sun. Wide, puffy skirts with lots of pleats. In the expanded form, they are a circle or a semicircle, respectively.
  • Pencil. A very narrow, tight-fitting figure skirt, not every girl will decide to wear. However, if you are not afraid to emphasize the hips - go for it, because this model looks amazing.
  • Year. The famous skirt with a mermaid silhouette, which is created by a wide shuttlecock at the hem. The upper part of the skirt covers the hips. This style is suitable only for fairly tall girls.

Beautiful models

Since floor skirts are very much in demand today, a huge variety of various models is presented in stores and fashion catalogs. Among such a wealth of choices, you are sure to find a suitable option. In summer, the color of the skirt comes to the fore, so models of incredibly beautiful, bright, saturated shades appear in clothing collections. Don't like monochromatic things?

Take a closer look at the colorful maxi skirts with floral or ethnic ornaments. No less interesting are the models with gradient coloring - a smooth transition from one color to another.

Но не один лишь цвет юбки имеет значение. Обращайте внимание на модели необычного кроя. Это могут юбки с запахом, юбки, сшитые из множества клиньев, юбки в складочку или многослойные юбки.

Those who want to emphasize the beauty of the legs or flaunt a tan can be advised models with an asymmetrical hem or with high cuts.

Choice by time of year

Depending on the material that was used for sewing the product, long skirts can retain heat or, conversely, give coolness. Therefore, for each weather season, you should choose a suitable maxi skirt.


In winter, the most important thing is to prevent yourself from freezing. In most regions of our country, the climate is not at all soft, so for several months we have to insulate, often sacrificing beauty. Wool trousers, sweatpants, insulated jeans for a while replace your favourite dresses and skirts. But you want to feel like a girl even in winter!

Here, long skirts made of dense, "winter" fabrics can come to the rescue - wool, drape, cashmere, tweed, as well as synthetic materials with the addition of natural woollen fibres, for example, angora.


Spring is a transitional period, when warm clothes tired of a long winter gradually give way to lighter and more elegant outfits. With the onset of warmth, girls hurry to pull out short skirts and dresses from wardrobes, which not only the fashionistas themselves, but also representatives of the male half of humanity have managed to miss.

However, not always the weather in the spring allows you to flaunt open legs. Therefore, maxi skirts should not be discounted. Spring models are sewn from less dense fabrics, for example, knitwear or denim. In addition, the color scheme of spring clothing is brighter and more diverse.


In summer, long skirts look no less impressive than bold minis. Perhaps the matter is in the use of beautiful, airy fabrics, or maybe in the unusual, saturated colors of outfits. One way or another, but the maxi skirt is one of the main trends of the last few summer seasons.

Summer models are sewn from thin, mainly natural fabrics - cotton, linen, chiffon, viscose, lace, etc. Materials of natural origin absorb moisture well and cool the body in the heat.

Long skirts for summer can be made in a variety of styles - romantic, boho, ethnic or even sporty.


When autumn comes, you have to give up light things, because the season of rains and piercing winds comes. Long skirts of warm, joyful colours will help prolong the feeling of summer. In autumn, in no case should you deny yourself bright colors: feel free to purchase in your wardrobe maxi of saturated shades: orange, yellow, green, blue. Pay attention to slightly muted, but deep tones: wine, ochre, mustard, etc.

Those who do not like monochromatic things should take a closer look at skirts with a pattern: for example, in the autumn, models in a large cage look great.

Popular colours

Color is a very effective tool of fashion and style. The color of the outfit greatly affects the perception of your image, so it is important to learn how to extract all possible benefits from it. The choice of clothing color depends not only on current trends, but also on the format of the event you plan to attend and on the type of your appearance. Consider the most popular and interesting color solutions for skirts-maxi.


A long black skirt is a rather specific thing. It can cause the most controversial associations: from mourning vestments to solemn evening dress. One thing is absolutely certain: the abundance of black colour makes the image excessively gloomy. Therefore, a black skirt should be combined with clothes of a different color. It can be light or bright shades. The classic combination of "white top, black" bottom is suitable for official events or for a solemn outing.

Black goes well with all the colors of the rainbow, so choosing an accompaniment to a black maxi skirt will not be a problem for you.


A long skirt of white colour, favourably emphasising the figure, looks simply amazing. Even if it has to be washed after each exit – the beauty is definitely worth it. White models usually belong to summer clothing collections. They go well with open tops, allowing you to demonstrate tanned shoulders and arms.

White as well as black, has a lot of possibilities to combine with. It looks especially impressive in combination with juicy, bright shades. Therefore, T-shirts, T-shirts and shirts of turquoise, lemon, crimson, emerald colours are suitable here as well as possible.


A skirt in the floor of red color is a very bold, but also a very successful solution. In such an outfit, you will definitely find yourself in the spotlight, so you can choose it for the most important events in your life. Depending on the color and material of the product, a red long skirt can look completely different.

For example, a narrow skirt made of rich red silk or velvet is the choice for the most solemn moments. A wide skirt of a muted shade made of a matte, dense fabric can become an element of an office outfit. Flying skirts made of thin fabrics in bright colours are an informal outfit for warm summer days.


Blue is the most restrained and calm of all of the above. Although not a neutral colour scheme, blue has a calming effect. Blue colour is preferred by self-confident people who are able to think sensibly and make informed decisions.

However, the ability to influence the state of mind is far from the only advantage of blue clothing. In addition, blue is one of the most relevant colours of the new fashion season. It has many beautiful shades – from sky blue to blue-black. A blue long skirt is sure to become one of the favourite basic items in your wardrobe.


Green is back in fashion after years of oblivion. This time, bright shades of green gave way to muted, deep tones. Green maxi skirts of saturated shades were at the peak of popularity in the last fashion season, but even now they are not going to give up.

To stand out from the crowd, pay attention to things of rare shades, unusual cuts or texture. Take a closer look at models with contrasting or transparent inserts, skirts with drapery or asymmetrical hem. You can combine green not only with white and black, but also with other bright shades, for example, with purple, red, pink, blue or yellow.

Fashion trends

Long skirts have been popular for several years in a row, and in the coming season, fashionable couturiers did not offer us anything fundamentally new. Pleating, free silhouettes, bright shades, floral ornaments remain relevant.

The composition of components with which the maxi skirt will be combined has slightly changed. Now these are clothes of completely different styles - from classics to sports. Long romantic skirts are worn with short tops, sweatshirts, sneakers, jackets, sweatshirts and other clothes that, it would seem, do not fit here at all. However, the combinations, oddly enough, turn out to be quite harmonious and, undoubtedly, original.

Selection Tips

  • When choosing a long skirt, try it on along with the shoes you plan to wear. Maxi skirts look good with both high-heeled shoes and completely flat soles. However, the length of the skirt for each of these options should be different.
  • Fat girls should give preference to models with a minimum number of folds. Lush skirts will only weigh down the lower part of the body, and free, flying silhouettes, on the contrary, create a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.
  • Choosing the upper part of the set with a long skirt, you need to follow one important rule: the more lush the skirt, the more already the top should be, and vice versa. With voluminous skirts, a tight-fitting top looks good, and with narrow ones , a looser one.

What should short girls consider?

Long skirts are suitable for young ladies of different builds, but for miniature ladies there is a risk that the length of the maxi will make them even lower. Therefore, thumbelina girls should remember a few basic rules for choosing long skirts:

  • do not buy models with a horizontal pattern;
  • the distance from the edge of the skirt to the floor should be a centimetre and a half;
  • the skirt should be exactly the size of you;
  • a skirt on a coquette or on a high waist will visually make you taller by a few centimetres;
  • Wear long skirts with high-heeled or platform shoes.

What to wear?

Long skirts are a wardrobe item that has a lot of cloth options to be combined with. Do not limit your imagination to simple T-shirts and tops: models on the catwalks have long demonstrated the most incredible, but harmonious combinations of things.

Denim shirt? Sports jacket with a hood? A warm vest? Why not! A maxi skirt can be a great pair for each of these things. The harmony of the image consists of trifles, so be sure to support the combination with accessories suitable in style.

Romantic maxi skirts look good with clothes that contrast in texture: sweaters of large knitting, leather jackets, fur jackets. Do not be afraid to experiment – after all, this is the only way to create an individual image.

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