Charming velour dresses and styles -  elegant wear gowns trends

Charming velour dresses and styles - elegant wear gowns trends


One of the trends of autumn-winter fashion is velvet clothing, and in particular velvet dresses, which have become extremely popular in 2022-2023.

Velvet dresses look very impressive due to their external characteristics.

velour mini dress

Soft velour fabric is called royal plush happiness. It is so soft that its tactile properties (to the touch) resemble expensive mink fur. Velour dress is always a fashionable and relevant trend that can eclipse most of the women's outfits.

It should be noted that velvet dresses are not a universal outfit, as they look more elegant than everyday.

Nevertheless, you can wear fashionable velvet dresses for every day if you choose the right style and cut, which will emphasize your beauty and excellent taste.

velour black mini dress

Velvet dresses are not a new trend this year, as velvet dresses have been part of the wardrobe of many ladies for many years as a festive and evening style.

If you are looking for velvet dresses 2022-2023 for a celebration, such as New Year Party, then, undoubtedly, you will appreciate the beautiful velvet dresses in unique evening and cocktail styles emphasising the female silhouette of sophisticated as well as curvy forms.


Fashion trends of velvet dresses 2022-2023 reflect the main trends of the dresses of the season, which conquer with light brilliance, outstanding cut, discreet fittings, since the velvet itself looks very impressive.

Remember, velvet dresses of elegant format are strictly forbidden to wear for every day, because in this image you will look extremely ridiculous.

However If you like everyday velvet dresses, you should consider laconic velvet shirt dresses, oversized velvet dresses, asymmetrical velvet dresses, models with a wide ruffle, which will emphasise the shape of the everyday trapezium style.

Those who decided to be inspired by the evening trends of dresses will definitely appreciate the velvet dresses in the floor of 2022-2023, flirty velvet dresses in cocktail outfits.

Any outfit made of velour looks respectable, stylish, beautiful. But these are not all the positive qualities that the dress has:

The fabric is very soft, comfortable to wear, pleasant to the body. In its composition there is cotton, which allows the fabric to breathe. The material practically does not cause allergic reactions, since it does not contain any allergens.

Velour is a worthy alternative to knitwear. In such an outfit, you can walk in any seasonal period.

In a velour outfit, a fragile girl will add volume if needed. A tight cut will allow you to focus on the seductive curves of the figure.

A more spacious cut will help girls with curvy shapes to slightly reduce the rounded shapes of the figure.

This dress is perfectly combined with different accessories and outfits. Will look perfect with satin, chiffon, lace.

Everyday bow goes well with denim. Their tandem always looks advantageous.

The style of the cut is the first thing that is paid attention to in choosing a dress. The second is the size, personal preferences and features of the figure. Dresses made of velour are presented in a wide range. Where any fashionista can choose the style that best suits her. Even the most demanding on details and details.
The dress, sewn from this fabric, is suitable for any life situation: a business meeting, a party, a trip to the cinema, a cafe, to friends. The main thing here is to choose the right cut, for example, for a business meeting it is better to choose a restrained color and cut.
Sheath dress
This style always occupies a leading position in the fashion industry. And it does not matter what material it is sewn from. It's just that the cut itself has features inherent in it. Strict cut always looks flawless, chic, respectable.
Plush fabric case dresses look very beautiful on any type of figure. Suitable for a variety of gray everyday life, and for creating a business bow.
The velour case dress with a three-quarter sleeve hides the fullness well, thereby helping out lush colors from complexes. Such an outfit will be a worthy decoration at a party or corporate party.
В нынешнем сезоне трендом считается изделия с открытой спиной или плечами, ассиметричным кроем, одним рукавом.
Trapezoidal cut is suitable for both young girls and older fashionistas.
Advantages of the choice:

Hides excessive rounded shapes in full beauties.

Thin gives attractive appetizing forms, that is, adds volume.

For everyday onions, a loose baggy cut is suitable. It is easy to combine with other wardrobe items.
For special occasions, you should choose models in which the waist line is high. this will emphasize the chest and waist area. Perfect and fitted models.
Trapeze dress
This style can be safely chosen to create a business style. The cut will successfully hide the shaky zones, giving its owner self-confidence, elegance, attractiveness.
Evening dress of the trapeze cut can be decorated with:

  • decorative inserts;

  • Draped;

  • contrasting finish;

  • Stones;

  • Rhinestones;

  • Mesh;

  • fur inserts;

  • Sequin;

  • Flounced.

This allows you to hide the flaws of the figure. Properly chosen decor will cause a storm of delight and compliments.

Style for those who love and are used to surprising their surroundings. An asymmetrical velour dress for fat women is the perfect choice. Due to the asymmetry, the splendor of the forms is not so striking.

With sleeves
Total modernization affected all the details of the cut. The sleeve in velour products, in particular dresses, has also changed. Judging by consumer demand, many fashionistas have moved from T-shirt dresses, a traditional dress with an elongated sleeve, to a newfangled cut - these are voluminous buffs or a one-piece type.

With one sleeve
A velvet outfit in the form of a dress with one sleeve looks colorful, fashionable, stylish. Suitable for all life situations. It is sewn in different colors, different styles. The highlight here is the presence of one sleeve.

With lace
The combination of such two different and at the same time beautiful types of fabric as velour and lace, makes it possible to create very stylish ensembles. Velour dresses with lace of contrasting colors look very beautiful.
Ideal for evening, solemn onions. A-silhouette in this performance is the right choice for prom, birthday, wedding, corporate party.

With deep incision
It will be easy for modern ladies to create a stylish image based on velvet outfits. Stylists recommend this season not to bypass dresses with deep cuts. It is he who gives sexuality, seductiveness to his owner. For the owners of beautiful legs - this is a unique opportunity to demonstrate this.

With smell
Styles of dresses made of velour with a smell are a win-win option for owners of curvy forms. They hide fullness as much as possible, shifting the emphasis to the waist line. An in-depth neckline will emphasize the attractiveness of the breast.

With drapery
Stylish things with drapery are obtained with velour fabric. It fits perfectly into warehouses. The shiny surface makes the product iridescent, stylish, unsurpassed beauty. In this outfit, the girls look especially solemn and colorful. Drapery, among other things, helps to slightly hide a rounded tummy, for example, in a future mother in the early stages of pregnancy.

Dress shirt
A laconic bow is very easy to create with a velour shirt dress. With it, you can create a variety of images, including unusual, original, extraordinary. This effect can be achieved due to the features of the figure and the properties of the canvas.
With a puffy skirt
Lush skirts in an open-backed dress are always an unusual, attractive, erotic image. This was demonstrated back in the 20s of the last century. Such a cut in typical retail outlets is difficult to find. But this is not a problem - the ability to sew a dress to order has not yet been canceled.

With open back
An open back in a velour dress is a stylish style of cut. It is recommended to wear such an outfit for girls with any shapes. The style of the cut can also be different: with slots, asymmetry. The open back makes it possible to demonstrate the charm of the curves of the young body.

A line of identical outfits is difficult to imagine without plush. Evening dresses made of velour are presented in different styles, colors, lengths. Any fashion designer has at least a few such models in his collection. After all, it is in the evening lighting that the material fully reveals its beauty. Laconic styles will always allow you to look concise.

Fully open the shoulder line, emphasize the line of the chest will help the bustier dress. Such models are very fond of wearing young fashionistas. Bustier is a good choice for a youth party. For a business bow, it is better not to wear it.

High waist
Styles with a high waist line are the latest fashion trend. Such dresses are called Greek. They fit perfectly on any type of figure. They are considered universal. Versatility lies in the fact that they are well suited to both thin girls and owners of curvy forms.
By the way, for the latter , this is always a win-win option for those who are embarrassed by their fullness.

What to wear velour dresses with

Any woman wants to look flawless and fashionable. Velour evening dresses are an excellent choice for creating a respectable image. Although this fabric is self-sufficient, but it will look even more beautiful against the background of additional decor:

Accessories. They need to be chosen concise, discreet. It will be enough to decorate in the form of a small ring, an elegant necklace.

Footwear. A velour bow looks perfect with bright shoes. Do not really choose velvet or suede models of shoes.

You do not need to use decor that contrasts dramatically with the color of the outfit.

It is better to choose precious jewelry, the custom of costume jewelry will immediately reduce the appearance of the bow.

When choosing a handbag, you should take into account the importance of the event for which the woman is preparing. In the theater you can take a clutch, neat shape. To work – a handbag of business style.

In order for the dress to really be the main accent of the bow, you should choose the right cut. It must be remembered that in addition to the advantages that the fabric is endowed with, products from it can both hide and emphasize defective zones or roundness of the figure. If there are such flaws, then preference should be given to the flowing silhouette of a free cut.

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