Couple Matching Jewelry Gifts- Finding a Thoughtful Piece of Jewelry to Gift Your Dear Ones

Couple Matching Jewelry Gifts- Finding a Thoughtful Piece of Jewelry to Gift Your Dear Ones

It is believed that the tradition of giving jewelry as a symbol of love originated in the 15th century, when the Duke of Austria, Maximilian, wanted to marry the famous beauty of Europe, Mary of Burgundy. To increase his chances of winning the heart of his beloved, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire sent her a luxurious ring with diamonds and an engraving with the letter "M", designed to remind the girl of who exactly is waiting for her hand and heart.

Mother and daughter paireds jewelry is a great idea for an occasions like New Year or birthday, or a gift for mother’s day.

There is a strong bond of trust between mothers and daughters, through which mothers pass on to their daughters. Traditionally the lessons of femininity, self-care, good taste and warm relations with the world are passed from mother to daughter. No matter how difficult the process of motherhood is, it hides a huge number of joyful moments and unforgettable stories that become family treasures. 

Spending quality family time together is very important in order to instill this trust and awareness of mutual value. Family holidays,and occasions like New Years or Mother’s Day, Valentine's Day which most of us will spend together with Family members, are occasions to remember the inextricable family ties, once again hug and confess our love, and also give a very dear person a pleasant gift from the heart. In this selection, we present paired jewelry for mothers and daughters, touching and very similar to each other, just like mothers and daughters themselves.

How to choose:

Paired Jewelry for Mother&Doughter:

Jewelry for mother and daughter is a kind of style icon. At a young age, children do not yet have idols from among actresses and singers, but their mother's manner of dressing and choosing accessories is observed at close range. Mom's favourite things make great gifts for daughters, especially if they have a kid's version. There is also Matching Jewellery for Mother and daughter that has no age: adults are attracted to this precious material by its complex color scheme. If mother’s have a hobby that you “passed on” to your daughter, or maybe you discovered some kind of hobby with her? Paired jewelry can be chosen according to common activities. When looking for pairing accessories, you don't necessarily need the same model, but one common design feature that both of you will like. Jewelry with a crown symbol for mom and daughter when they fashion together in front of the mirror after shopping?Traditionally daughters share one of their mothers' favorite passions - shopping, help them in choosing things and cultivate good taste in themselves. 

So what kind of matching jewelry can be given as a gift to your beloved other half

A  ring is not the only piece of jewelry that can remind of love of one person to another. Today, the jewelry market has a range of paired jewelry that can be worn by two people who have bonds together as a symbol of their deep and boundless love. Such decorations not only unite people in a couple and make them feel like a single whole, but also make the union itself stronger ...

Couple jewelry is a very personal and memorable gift for special occasion symbolising bonds and love between two people, or even any ordinary day when you just want to show your love in unique and special way.

Couple bracelets 


Matching bracelets are a trend that has long settled in the hearts of jewelry lovers with meaning. This simple and concise accessory is ideal for people who know how real the power of symbols and faith in them is.

For example matching bracelets with red strings. The history of wearing red threads goes back to the Jewish teachings of Kabbalah. A red woolen thread was tied around the wrist of the left hand in order to protect a person from any dark negative forces. About 15 years ago, many Hollywood stars began to get involved in Kabbalistic traditions and tie a thin red thread on their hands. 

Today, bracelets are presented in all their color and symbolic diversity. When choosing your decoration, it is important not only to choose the right sign-symbol, but also to decide on the color of the talisman. Red is the color of love, so red string bracelets are perfect for lovers. Purple is the color of creativity and spiritual quest. Green is a natural color, it personifies the harmonious interaction of man with all that exists. If we talk about the symbols that complement the bracelet, the most popular among them are: the sign of infinity

Symbol pendants


The piece of jewelry you wear close to your heart is the one that is most important. No one may see it, but the realization that you have it gives both partners in a couple or those that have strong bond like mother&daughter bond a sense of integrity. Let you and your loved one have a little secret - a small pendant , symbolizing the inviolability of your union.

The most popular sign of all lovers is, of course, the heart.

The tree is a symbol of Life, unity and development. Its roots go deep into the earth, and its branches stretch to the sky. A pendant with this symbol will help a couple to easily overcome life's difficulties, grow and develop in relationships, and avoid boredom and stagnation.

couple rings


Who said rings can only be engagement rings? Many lovers or people with strong bonds like family relations would prefer to get beautiful paired rings for a gift. Single design rings can be engraved to make your pair of jewelry even more precious and unique. The ring and its very shape in the form of a circle personifies infinity and something unified. Therefore, the desire to exchange rings, is quite natural. The main thing is to choose a model that can be worn by both people.

Pendants with letters for two


Paired pendants with the first letters of names are a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day. The name is the main word in everyone's life, and the name of a loved one (or the letter it begins with) for a truly loving heart is often more important than your own! That is why the letter pendant will definitely become your favorite piece of jewelry in the collection, which will always remind you of your loved one, even when he is not around.

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