Exploring the Ring symbols & meaning |  the spiritual significance of the rings

Exploring the Ring symbols & meaning | the spiritual significance of the rings

A ring is not just a decoration.

Many subconsciously feel the power and strength of the ring, especially if it is acquired on any significant occasion - engagement, wedding, birth of a child. Rings made of natural stones or precious metals, with spectacular patterns or engraving - there is nothing accidental in such jewelry, the ring is deeply symbolic and you need to know about it. A closed circle, which has neither beginning nor end, is wholeness and unity, eternity and infinity. It is believed that the inner opening of the ring is a gateway for the passage of celestial power and energy, through it you can feel the divine breath. Any ring presented by a man or woman is a connection and a certain vow: the union is sealed, the partners must be faithful to each other. It is for this reason that a man, making a proposal to his beloved, and if the girl accepts his proposal, it is fixed with a ring on her finger, otherwise the man remains with the ring, but without a wife.

The ring is the most magical decoration of all. It is in close contact with the body, and even located in the centre of energy lines. The infinity of the rings shape, turns it into a kind of battery for energy. The ring closes the owner's own energy inside itself, but at the same time it performs another function: the negativity coming from the outside simply cannot reach the owner of the decoration. Protective rings take the blows of hostile energy, so do not be surprised if they lose their attractive appearance, turn black or even split. Thus, it turns out that the rings simultaneously play two roles: talismans and amulets. In any case, this is the opinion of esotericists and people familiar with the cultural traditions of our ancestors.

How to choose the right amulet ring Interest in jewelry with a deep sacred meaning has only increased in recent years. People are beginning to understand that not all phenomena of the world order can be explained from the point of view of science

How to turn a ring into a talisman In fact, you can make a talisman from any ring – there would be a desire. In this regard, there is only one limitation: the requirements for the material. Do not try to give energy to products made of epoxy resin, plastic and other artificial polymers, beads will not be the best choice. To turn the ring into a talisman, it is better to choose jewelry made of natural materials: metals (gold, silver, copper), stone (solid or in the form of an insert), as well as wood (preferably hard, valuable species).

Whatever it was, remember: you can decorate all your fingers with charms, for all occasions, but without our desire to change our own fate and sincere faith in the magical power of the rings - they will remain just decorations. So believe and create, and everything else will definitely follow!
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