Fashion accessory trends 2022 - fashion earrings to update any look | recommendations for each season

Fashion accessory trends 2022 - fashion earrings to update any look | recommendations for each season

Today it is difficult to imagine a girl or a woman who does not wear earrings – and why not wear them? We have long since left the Middle Ages and live in a world where jewellery can be afforded by everyone without exception. Moreover, even modern men are not indifferent to earrings. Although fifty years ago (in Soviet times) they would have been happy to throw stones at them. Well, let's go back to today and find out what types of earrings are in fashion in 2022?

Fashion trends for earrings in 2022: general recommendations for each season

In 2022, earrings are in trend not only from precious meatls, but also ordinary jewelry In fashion, that attracts attention with modern design. When choosing accessories, adhere to the rule that is relevant for this year: the chosen jewelry should be harmoniously combined with the color scheme of clothes or stand out brightly, attracting maximum attention.

"Fashion dictators also sometimes make mistakes, but there are millions of women who will willingly pay for it" (Barbra Streisand)

In the winter season, designers recommend paying attention to semi-precious stones - turquoise, artificial pearls, amber, malachite and apatite. Earrings with such inserts usually look heavy, but they occupy leading positions in fashion arenas today. And why did they pay attention to them? The answer is quite simple: it's all about accessibility – it's jewelry that a woman of almost any income can afford.

For spring, buy long earrings with chains. They look gorgeous on ladies with a long swan neck. It is best to wear such a decoration under a high hairstyle or a ponytail selected upwards, so that the emphasis falls on the earrings. As for the style of clothing, a casual suit or bow is in fashion.

For the summer, it is worth buying earrings with large colored stones. They will greatly emphasise your style and will be a great addition to the dress, for example, with a floral print.

In autumn, you should pay attention to earrings with pearls. Despite the fact that until recently, ladies have cooled down to pearl jewelry, the fashion for them is returning again. Pay attention to how elegant and feminine look small earrings with pearl inserts. Such a piece of jewelry can be safely worn not only at home, but also at work.

Fashionable gold earrings in 2022: what jewelers offer us today

Gold Earrings:

Gold is always in vogue. Therefore, if you are thinking about a gift for your birthday or for any other upcoming event, then do not hesitate to order gold earrings - this is fashionable, always in price and very attractive. And what stylish earrings made of gold to choose?

Gold jewelry as a gift to the fair sex often affects the female mind more than any male eloquence. Isn't it?

For every day. On a daily basis, pousset earrings or drops are perfect. Yes, of course, you undoubtedly want to look just "stunning" every day, but it is difficult to wear bulky jewelry every day, even for the reason that sometimes there is bad weather outside, strong wind, and the jewelry can simply get tangled in the hair or from a heavy jeweler just get tired ears. In this case, small earrings save the day.

Strict dress code at work? In this case, you will again be helped out by small earrings such as carnations or droplets: they will add notes of femininity to the image without compromising your solidity. Under a voluminous pile of hair, you can also hide cuffs or climbers. They will not interfere with the work, but at the same time they will organically complete the image you create.

For the solemn event, of course, it is worth buying precious earrings. This is exactly the case when the choice of accessories indicates your solidity and the prosperity of your man. To look your best, do not save on the jewelry that you wear to corporate parties and banquets: here they will first of all appreciate "by clothes".

Fashionable silver earrings: what you should pay attention to the modern lady

Silver earrings:

As you may have already noticed, among silver jewelry, minimalism is in fashion. This trend is reflected, among other things, in earrings:

  • Silver earrings, shaped like simple geometric shapes – what could be simpler? This style is preferred to be used by employees of both office production and ordinary entertainment. Large voluminous earrings are worn both under a business suit and with an ordinary braid and jeans.
  • Trendy earrings made of silver also include tiny pussets strewn with stones, which very modestly shine on the ear, attracting attention. For two seasons in a row, these miniature jewelry attract customers, and all because in our latitudes in the winter-autumn period, with a warm hat on the head, it is very easy to get entangled in huge jewelry. Therefore, small but very cute trinkets always help out.
  • Earrings with feathers should also be noted. Despite the fact that for the jewelry market this form of jewelry is not a novelty, the love for these jewelry among ladies has not yet cooled. Feathers fit any type of face and almost any outfit, whether it is office clothes or casual casual.

Fashion earrings with diamonds in 2022: new interesting ideas

Earrings with diamonds:

As for diamonds, they are, as always, in fashion. And the more "trousers" a lady puts on her precious ears, the more stylish she will be considered by others. After all, money is always in vogue, isn't it? What forms of diamond earrings to buy?

So, if you have the money, then do not deny yourself the pleasure and buy earrings-chandeliers. Of the accompanying stones, it is worth paying attention to sapphires. Blue inserts always perfectly complement products with a scattering of diamonds and add a certain indescribable sophistication to the jewelry.

Diamonds are good because they always look like new.

Diamonds for every day are carnations. Charmingly shine, do not interfere, do not tangle in the hair and do not pull back the ears. What could be more attractive to the modern lady, who is oversaturated with affairs, meetings and tasks?

A romantic dinner with a loved one by candlelight - here, of course, earrings-drops. They look great under almost any outfit, do not weigh down the image and give femininity to any facial features.

However, the most fashionable diamond earrings this year are cuffs. Interest in these types of earrings appeared just recently. The best part is that cuffs are a kind of alternative to clips, since they can be worn without piercing the ears. There are a huge number of options for the execution of such jewelry, but today very miniature earrings in the form of ordinary rings made of white gold or platinum are popular.

Costume jewelry: novelties, jewelry ideas, trends


In the collections of modern earrings for women this year, there are a lot of original and even unusual products from jewelry. Of the materials this year, beads, large beads, wood and plastic are the most preferred.

Of the novelties - voluminous earrings in the form of various geometric shapes. Designers recommend such jewelry, as they look great with different fashion images.

Also this season it is fashionable to buy handmade jewelry. Even the simplest bespoke earrings are welcome in fashion circles. Everyone loves something new, especially an individual design.

By the way, good jewelry can sometimes cost even more than a jeweler.

Fashionable forms of earrings for teenagers include cuffs made of non-precious materials - medical steel, cupronickel or nickel silver and decorated with artificial bright inserts of plastic, beads or shiny stones, for example, Swarovski rhinestones. Modern young people do not like to bother about jewelry, as they do not understand why to wear them, if you can easily afford no less beautiful, but cheaper jewelry. And in some ways, they're right.

As for children's jewelry, then the same simple carnations made of medical steel or small silver earrings-rings with an English lock are in fashion. Stylists do not recommend putting heavy jewelry made of precious metals on children, because heavy earrings can simply interfere with the child's play and development, and if the jewelry is lost, disappointment will be proportional to the cost of the accessory.

The popular earrings of 2022 can also include rings. However, you need to be very careful here. Simple rings "without anything" have long gone out of fashion, so it is recommended to find something more original. For example, earrings in the form of a drop or large ellipses, very original and modern will emphasize the image of a stylish business girl.


The latest recommended model of jewelry is funny earrings that bring a touch of informality, freedom of style to your style. Earrings, airplanes, missiles and even computers have become very popular. Such jewelry is most popular among young people who like to wear a jeweler of non-standard design.

Earrings with geometric motifs:

Obviously, it is quite difficult to find such earrings that are one hundred percent suitable for your style of clothing, since it should be such a decoration that will transform even the simplest outfit. And fashion itself is a stretchy concept. What is considered a trend today is very easily and quickly stuffed tomorrow and forced to put away in the closet. Don't be afraid to experiment with the images, style, and mood of your bow. This will help you diversify your day and cheer you up. Let every day be special, and your beloved man will give you thousands of compliments and appreciate your exquisite taste.

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