Fashionable beach dresses and tunics - the most sustainable summer beachwear dresses collection haul

Fashionable beach dresses and tunics - the most sustainable summer beachwear dresses collection haul

Fashionable beach dresses and tunics

The summer wardrobe of almost any woman necessarily contains several products that are particularly light and charming. Modern stylish directions allow you to choose fashionable beach dresses and tunics for every taste and preference.

Famous fashion designers and designers never bypass this trend in fashion, and every season they replenish their collections with stylish, summer beach outfits for fashionistas of both young age and more mature young ladies.

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What else is it called?

Tunic, as a kind of wardrobe element, was already known in ancient Greece. It was an awkward, baggy garment that had holes for the head and hands. It is noteworthy that at that time such products were worn mostly by men.

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Over time, due to the convenience of tunics and their practicality, they became a common summer clothing, which becomes more diverse and popular every year.

At this time, a woman in a tunic can be found almost anywhere, from the beach to glamorous parties. This trend became possible thanks to the work of famous fashion designers who endowed this product with charm and sophistication, lightness and elegance.

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Summer beachwear, depending on its style and model, can have completely different names: sundress, tunic, pareo, jumpsuit dress, bandeau, etc. All these products have distinctive features from each other, and can be used by women not only as a beach version of clothing.


To date, a summer tunic dress means a free-cut blouse, which has a different length: from the hips to the floor. The product, as a rule, does not have a collar, and the presence of sleeves depends on the chosen model and the woman desires.

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Often the tunic is worn with a belt, which can be very diverse, ranging from stylish, fashionable and branded products, and ending with ordinary fabric ties.

Popular styles

The model ranges of summer beach dresses are extremely diverse and wide. For any type of figure today it is possible to choose a product that would favourably emphasise all its advantages,elevate the looks with femininity, elegance and grace.

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Pareo (sarong) is an element of summer clothing, which consists of one large piece of fabric. It can be dressed in various ways that were invented by fashion designers and women themselves.

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With the help of pareo, a woman is quite capable of hiding some of the shortcomings of her figure, favourably emphasising its advantages. In this product, a representative of the beautiful half of society can feel relaxed, free and confident. Therefore, the tunic is especially popular as a practical and fashionable thing.

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Tunic in the form of a net is a great opportunity to emphasise all your advantages. Such a product is ideal for a summer image, making a woman attractive and original.

It is worth noting that wearing a tunic-net is recommended for women with a slender, attractive figure. After all, such a product will instantly distinguish it from the rest, and determine the centre of attention.

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A beach sundress is an indispensable thing on vacation. In addition, you can wear it not only to the beach, but also to evening walks, dates and informal meetings. In a sundress, a woman feels at ease and light, and the overall image creates the impression of extreme tenderness and romance.

There are so many models of sundresses that any woman will be able to choose an individual option.

With open shoulders

A bare top in dresses is not always indicative of their beach option. Very often such products can be seen in modern collections of evening women's toilets.

A dress with open shoulders gives a woman the opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of the neckline and the fragility of the shoulders.

There are such types of this model of dresses:

  • strapless dress;
  • dress with lowered straps;
  • a dress with straps that are tied around the neck, or intertwined on the back.

With open back

An open-back dress combines both mystery and intrigue. For official meetings, such a product is unlikely to be suitable, but for parties, romantic walks - it will be an excellent option.

It is important to note that such a product is advised to be worn by slender women who have an ideal figure.


Modern fashion has made summer clothing made from transparent, lightweight fabrics extremely popular and common. The material from which the products are made gives a woman airiness, almost weightlessness.

A transparent dress will be an excellent option for visiting the beach, because it is perfectly combined with swimsuits, and for outdoor recreation.


Knitted summer dresses are made of special materials, and have the following characteristics:

  • are not subject to crumpling;
  • allow the body to "breathe";
  • practical and convenient for operation;
  • favourably emphasise the female figure, making it sexy and attractive.

T-shirt dresses

A T-shirt dress is a great option for a woman with a non-standard figure. It favourably covers all the shortcomings, levelling it, while remaining a very convenient and practical product.

The T-shirt dress is great for active and restless women.

Bandeau dress

"Bando" is translated from French as "wide belt". A bandeau dress is a form-fitting, short dress that usually has open shoulders.

Today you can find a bandeau dress on a corset base, or with the presence of decorative laces. It is these elements that serve to ensure that the product is held on the female body.

Jumpsuit dresses

These products combine two elements of clothing: trousers or shorts and a dress.

A jumpsuit dress is perfect for a girl or a young woman who leads an active lifestyle, but wants to look feminine and romantic.

From scarves

A dress made of scarves is a product that a woman can make for herself. To do this, you do not need patterns, scissors or other sewing devices. Just a little imagination is enough, a step-by-step briefing that can be found on the pages of the Internet, a few hours of free time and desire.

Colours and finishes

The colour scheme of summer beach dresses and tunics is amazing. Most often you can see bright, juicy models of products, from which there is a whiff of joy and positivity.

As a finish, various prints, ornaments, drawings and stickers are used, favorably focusing attention on certain places of the female figure.


A red summer dress is an option for a confident woman who is used to being the center of attention. Juicy red shades immediately distinguish the owner of such a dress from the crowd, and accentuate the interest of others on it.


A black summer dress, despite its seeming dullness and primitiveness, is a great option for evening walks or late festivities.

Black has always been popular, and is a classic option for many things. However, as a beach option, it is rarely used.


The striped dress is a particular success today. It is only important to take into account that a narrow and horizontal strip visually gives volume and reduces in growth. Therefore, this option for the summer decoration of the dress is not suitable for short, or curvy women.


Juicy blue color reminds of the sea. This is very suitable for the summer version of the dress.

Fabrics and textures

For sewing summer dresses, light, transparent, "breathable" fabrics are used. They make the image easy, and at the same time allow a woman to feel both free and feminine.

Made of chiffon

Transparent, light chiffon, used for a beach dress, gives its owner incredible attractiveness and romance.


Lace has always been considered the standard of romance and elegance. Lace products could afford only far from poor people. At this time, a lace dress is common, and enjoys constant success.

A distinctive feature of such a product is that it will not leave indifferent to you the opposite sex, which really likes this material.


The openwork dress, which is made of the finest materials, seems to be created in order to make the female body fragile and inviting. In such a product, a woman seems extremely sensual.

Openwork summer dresses are perfect for romantic parties, dinner with a loved one. In addition to the fact that this dress emphasizes femininity, it also looks extremely elegant.


Knitted fabrics are used for sewing summer dresses. However, they should be very thin in this case.

Knitwear, as a material, is very convenient and practical to use. Therefore, a summer dress made of knitwear will be an excellent everyday clothing option for you.

It should be noted that such dresses are not recommended for women who have a problem figure, because the jersey, fitting it, repeats all the curves of the body.


A cotton dress is a versatile summer clothing option that can be suitable not only for recreation and entertainment, but also for visiting offices.

The naturalness, hygroscopicity and anti-allergenicity of cotton makes it an attractive and widespread material for sewing summer women's clothing.


The length of a summer beach dress or tunic can be completely different, and depends on the preferences of the woman.


A long summer dress is characterized by the fact that it is uncomfortable to actively move in it. Therefore, if you have just such a rest ahead of you, then it is best to abandon this option.

In addition, a long dress is better suited to tall, slender girls and women, making their figure even more feminine, and favorably placing accents in the necessary places.


If you are an active woman, spend your vacation not only on the beach, a short summer dress that does not constrain movements is perfect for you, and a woman feels free and at ease in it.

Short models reveal women's slender legs to the gaze of others, becoming the centre of attention.

With What to wear

Summer dresses and tunics are considered universal things that can be worn not only on the beach, but also in the city, and taken with you on trips.

If the product is transparent, then it can be put on a tight-fitting top.

Most often, a tunic can be seen in combination with trousers, shorts, jeans or a tight-fitting short skirt.

Shoes under the tunic or summer dress should be selected appropriately: light, comfortable and practical. Sandals, ballet flats, sandals are most often used. It is not recommended to weigh down the image with heeled shoes, because the lightness of these clothes implies convenience and comfort for women's legs.

Stylish looks

To create a romantic image, you can opt for a chiffon tunic, decorated with drapery and made in delicate colors. Under it, it is recommended to wear a top of the same color as the tunic. You can combine it with light stylish jeans and light, comfortable shoes at low speed.

For an informal party, you can dress in a lace summer dress, which will make your image elegant and attractive. As shoes, you can use sandals with low heels. The overall look will be complemented by a properly selected elegant handbag.

The casual beach option involves a pareo, stylishly and fashionably tied to a woman's body, and comfortable shoes.

The Beachwear Dresses of 2022

Every season, well-known fashion salons and shops provide women with the latest and trendiest novelties related to summer outfits.

This year,trendy beachwearmodels are presented which are perfect for trips to resorts, as well as everyday use.

Beach tunics, dresses, pareos and other elements of the summer wardrobe are famous for their quality and comfort in operation

Every season skillfully combine ipracticality, convenience, femininity and style n their models 

A special, original cut of products, high-quality materials and excellent design make things extremely attractive for many stylish beauties and fashionistas.

A summer dress or tunic is an indispensable clothing option for those times of the year when you want to flutter and enjoy life. Thanks to these products you will make your pastime easy, comfortable and enjoyable. A stylish appearance will further cheer you up.

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