Fashionable little black dress 2021-2022 - ways to wear and accessorize

Fashionable little black dress 2021-2022 - ways to wear and accessorize

When you are in hustle and bustle, going through your wardrobe in search of what to wear, a little black dress will become a real salvation. Always fashionable, stylish and versatile, the little black dress allows you to create many completely different looks.

Office, casual, evening bow - all with one little black dress and the right accessories.

Short black dresses conquered fashion trends almost a hundred years ago, thanks to Coco Chanel, remaining at the top of popularity from season to season. Fashionable little black dresses 2021-2022 are slightly different from the classic model and this is understandable.

Fashion does not stand still, introducing new and modern delights into clothing. Each designer brings novelty and his own interpretation of the classic canons of fashion.

Little black dress - fashion styles and models 2021-2022

Modern little black dresses are significantly different from the classic Chanel model. Almost all fashionable short black knee-length dresses today are boldly referred to as little black dresses 2021-2022.

If in the traditional version a black dress covered the knees, had long sleeves and a small round neckline, today a fashionable black little dress 2021-2022 can be shorter, without sleeves, with an open neckline and not necessarily a fitted silhouette.

Still, the classic style of such an outfit remains relevant and the most versatile. A modest and elegant classic little black dress looks great on any figure, every woman can afford it, and it is also part of the basic female wardrobe.


Now let's go through the most fashionable styles of the little black dress 2021-2022. One of the most trendy is the sheath dress, perfect for office style. An original neckline, fashionable lantern sleeves and decor in the form of embroidery, drapery and other elements can make it interesting.

The fashionable little black dress 2021-2022 with a flared bottom, which can be layered, can become playful and romantic.


Since this season there are very fashionable dresses made of translucent fabrics, light and slightly revealing little black dresses with transparent inserts are suitable for bold and sophisticated natures. These can be chiffon sleeves, transparent inserts in the neckline and an upper transparent skirt.


The lacy little black dress, more related to evening dresses, has not lost its relevance this season.

In search of an unusual fashionable little black dress 2021-2022, models with open shoulders or with one sleeve may appeal.

Leather short black dresses, beautiful velvet outfits and little black dresses with frills will become very fashionable and stylish in 2021-2022.

What to wear with a little black dress - ideas for everyday and elegant looks

Shoes and accessories are defining elements of the look with a little black dress. It depends on them how to wear a fashionable little black dress 2021-2022 in different styles.

The simpler the dress cut, the more combinations and bright looks you can make with a little black dress.

Pumps, a clutch or a small neat handbag and the image of an elegant business woman is ready. Add beautiful jewellery to the tandem, do a beautiful hairstyle and makeup in nude shades and you can go to a gala evening event.


As a casual look, a fashionable little black dress can be worn with low-speed shoes (sneakers, spipons, sandals, high boots in winter), take a fashionable backpack, choose from outerwear according to the season, it can be a coat, leather jacket, cardigan and complement the image with fashionable jewellery in the style of minimalism.

You can add accessories to make the little black dress look brighter and more memorable.

An elegant belt to match the shoes or bags, a bright shawl or scarf. scarlet lipstick, ideally suited to a black dress, will make the look more chic and complete.


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