Fashionable Women's Rings: which one to choose and what is in trend today

Fashionable Women's Rings: which one to choose and what is in trend today

Fashionable Women's Rings: which one to choose and what is in trend today

Modern girls always want to be in the centre of fashion events. Especially those who live in large metropolitan areas. Some of them strictly follow the rules dictated by the covers of glossy magazines. Others just want to stand out in the crowd trying to be completely different from the rest and wear something that is not considered fashionable. So,let's take a look at today's fashion for rings. What novelties are offered by jewellers in 2022 and what should you pay special attention to?

Let’s  look at the main fashion trends for women's rings in 2022

Fashionable women's rings of 2022 are becoming larger and more massive compared to last year. Even the trend of minimalism is almost always combined with impressive volumes of design, which catches the eye. There are more sharpness and texture and fewer smooth lines complement the modern ring designs, as well as multi-row and spiralling of  fantasy cocktail rings. At the same time, the opposite trend stands out – simplicity and contrast, characterised by Scandinavian jewellery design.

Rings with insect design (beetles, flies, butterflies, dragonflies)

Butterflies, bugs, spiders, dragonflies and other small representatives of the world  fauna decorate the rings, giving them a three-dimensional design and "zest", standing out against the background of flowers and classic geometric shapes.

Thin and thick spiral rings

A thin spiral wrapping around the finger is similar to a snake, but unlike it, it is distinguished by simplicity and minimalism of design - just the choice for connoisseurs of laconic jewelry.

Romantic rings with hearts

Vanilla romance or touching sentimentality on display? And why not, especially for young girls who do not hesitate to wear clothes and accessories with talking "heart" symbolism.

Open ring in rose gold set with diamond and Chopard pearls and open ring in yellow gold set with Jennifer Meyer diamondsLarge yellow gold heart ring with red enamel and Alison Lou diamonds and a flat heart ring in yellow gold with opal and Jennifer Meyer diamonds

Sleek minimalistic design

Lovers of a calm and measured Scandinavian lifestyle, as a rule, very much appreciate minimalist rings with straight or smooth flowing lines. The simplicity of the jewelry design of the rings does not mean a parochial restricted-minded approach and banal hackneyed ideas. On the contrary, these rings often have a three-dimensional design and unusual shapes.

 Wide multi-row rings

The multi-row design of the rings acquires a variety of incarnations, ranging from the already named serpentine or spiral-shaped, ending with massive wide rings or creative double-triple on the phalanx, monolithic or open.

Wide textured yellow and white gold rings set with diamonds or other precious or semi precious stones or multi-row ring in yellow and white gold

 Cocktail rings with floral design

Large and small, flat and massive voluminous floral designs in rings is very popular in recent years.. Some do not know where to wear such jewelry, but there are plenty of cases for such decor. It's a lovely cocktail ring if it's large and bright, as well as a lovely piece of jewelry to complement a look with a skirt, dress or floral print blouse.

Graceful wide rings with lace design

Lace motifs are applicable not only to the design of clothing and leather accessories, but also to jewelry. The advantage of lace rings is that the size of the product here practically does not matter, because the lace pattern with numerous perforations does not make it heavy, unlike simple minimalistic monolithic rings.

Open cuff rings

The open design of the rings combines practicality (it is convenient to put on and take off if suddenly the fingers have changed in size) with design creativity, which can be played in different ways. For example, stones or pearls, fancy compositions, for example, two parts of the heart, flowers, letters, are often attached to two ends.

Massive rings with large stones

Many girls consider massive rings with stones to be decorations of age or exclusively for those who love vintage or antiques. But in 2022, rings with large stones are becoming more common decorations, and designers offer a sufficient number of options for every taste.

Cross-stitched rings

Two thin crossed elements of the ring are a simple and at the same time, unbeaten version of the design, which is adopted by more and more jewelry designers. Cross-wise design has become an obvious continuation of the theme with a religious theme in jewelry, which is slightly less in demand due to the specifics of the theme.

Rings with bright multi-colored stones

The emphasis on large bright multi-colored stones in the style of color blocking is characteristic of cocktail rings, which can have the most voluminous and dazzling design, complementing a minimalist cocktail dress.

“Rings with Friends”

The fashion for natural raw semi-precious stones has given rise to the popularity of rings with druze. Druse is a cluster of intergrown crystals, and the most popular are quartz and amethyst druse

Rings with large round stones

These stones, reminiscent of Montpensier lollipops, make the rings tender and touching. A few years ago, a combination of several round stones was considered a good tone, today it can be one main stone that makes the ring stylish and elegant in its simplicity.

 As for jewelry, here, just like with gold rings, the rule works: the more, the better. In jewelry, large, even better, huge inserts made of artificial stones are welcome.

The trend is rings with inserts of semi-precious stones, such as rock crystal and moonstone. Shades of green, turquoise and aquamarine are in fashion, therefore, you can safely buy yourself a little thing with aventurine or heliotrope.

Sometimes well-chosen jewelry looks much better than gaudy jewelry

 As the leading designers say, today's fashion should not be perceived as mandatory, without which you will not be a girl with style. Modern rules of life dictate to give preference to those who have the essence, and not a beautiful wrapper. When choosing jewelry, tell society more about your character and perception of life, and not just show off  the capacity of your grandmother's box. And finally, regardless of what is fashionable or unfashionable today, trendy or not, wear the things you like the most. After all, they will give you self-confidence and cheer you up.


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