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These products have always been very popular. Many people mistakenly believe that the Gothic style in jewelry is something completely fresh, something that appeared recently. In fact, jewelry in the Gothic style was created in the distant Middle Ages. So what is the essence of the Gothic style when it arose, and what exactly can be called Gothic jewelry?


The Gothic style is distinguished by skyward, distant heavens, clear "sharp" lines, a great many large and small details, as well as a special charisma. This "sharp" style in every sense of the word dominated Europe for almost three centuries; then it was solemnly forgotten: the "flaming" Gothic was remembered only in the era of romanticism.

Gothic was introduced into jewelry fashion by the famous British jewelry master Stephen Webster, who founded his brand Stephen Webster in the mid-1970s. The designer's gothic message was complemented by elements of modernity and rock and roll. Webster's jewelry very quickly became popular among celebrities - among fans of Gothic from Stephen Webster - Madonna and Ozzy Osbourne.


In fact, the Gothic jewellery style - and this is a very complex composition, a lot of details, gloomy colours - in the last forty years and did not go out of fashion. And this popularity is easy to explain: these are very strong in spirit jewels, charismatic, "sharp", expressive, such that anyone will never leave indifferent. In addition, Gothic jewellery can be worn both with jeans and with a white T-shirt, and with a ceremonial evening dress.


 The vast majority of Gothic jewelry is two-tone – white with black. Most often, this ornament can be found using white gold, blackened silver, and platinum, that is, the so-called light metals.


The direction of Gothic in jewelry has several trends, the supporters of which quite often enter into disputes with each other.

One of these trends is the external similarity of these products with the decorations of the Victorian era - these are the styles of Romanticism, Renaissance, Antiquity. After all, they are more suitable for medieval jewelry art. Products made in these styles are the most beautiful, spectacular, elegant and refined. Most often, all these jewelry are created by hand, white pearls are used for their inlay, as well as lace patterns made of silver. Perhaps the combination of the words "Gothic" and "lace" in one phrase sounds strange, but in fact this is what the modern interpretation of the bold Gothic style boils down to.

An offshoot called the Goth Fetish is represented by objects that have a clear fetish orientation: collars, handcuffs, bandages and chains. The most commonly used here are inexpensive precious metals (silver) or non-precious metals and synthetic materials, always with special attributes. And, of course, in this direction it is customary to use traditional black or bright jewelry. However, it is worth dispelling the usual myth that the direction of the fetish should be associated with sex.

If you look in the dictionary, fetish means witchcraft. In other words, we can say that silver products in the style of fetish at first did not come into contact with the issues of sexual orientation. These are objects that symbolized certain attributes dedicated to supernatural forces, otherworldly worlds, and their purpose was to show a person's belonging to a particular religious cult.

Finally, if we talk about the Gothic style of jewelry, you need to remind you that they should correspond to your style of clothing. It is this style that is most likely the only one that requires an appropriate entourage. Jewelry of other styles can be worn with different types of clothes and on different occasions, in Gothic they should correspond to everything - from the color of nails and hair to makeup.

The collection of silver jewelry in the Gothic style is intended for the most part for femme fatales and self-confident men. Gothic symbols in combination with medieval motifs, embodied in a ring of 925 sterling silver, in combination with natural stone, are suitable for those who are not afraid to experiment and emphasize their individuality. The tough silver treatment for the Gothic style ring will only emphasize your character. Stylish silver jewelry with elements of Gothic style is ideal for those who keep their finger on the pulse of fashion trends and strive to follow them.

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