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Fashion repeats itself over time - this statement is also true for brooches. 

Modern brooches, of course, bear little resemblance to their predecessors, but are no less popular. A brooch is a wonderful gift for a woman, as it is a practical and versatile accessory, and often the very bright detail of the image that was missing.

Craftsmen who create jewellery express all their imagination in brooch designs.You can find all sorts of charms featuring the brooches in catalogues and on the shelves of jewellery stores-  All sorts of flowers, butterflies, abstractions, branches, fauna and other intricate jewellery decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. Choosing the right accessory among such a variety is quite challenging.

 The nature and lifestyle of the gifted.

 When choosing jewellery, it is recommended to take into account the nature and lifestyle of the future owner of the product. Elegant brooches made in the form of flowers, a bunch of grapes, a curved branch, and other sophisticated designs will suit romantic natures . .

 Business women should choose a brooch "with meaning" - it can be an owl, a clover leaf, a pin, an initial letter of a name. An abstract form of the product is also suitable. .

A rare woman will refuse jewellery in the form of a dragonfly, butterfly, ladybug or other insect. Such accessories are decorated with sparkling stones and look very impressive and charming . 

Brooch design feature.

 When choosing a brooch, you should also take into account the design features of this piece of jewellery. In particular: the fastener should be attached slightly above the centre of gravity of the product; on miniature accessories, a simple wire lock-needle can be used; for massive jewellery, a reliable clasp with a movable sleeve is used; if the brooch is openwork, the clasp should not be visible. 

If the occasion, status and financial capabilities allow, then it is advisable to give a gold brooch . This accessory is versatile and will suit both everyday and evening outfits. 

How to use the brooch? It will not be difficult for a woman with a sense of style to choose clothes to wear a brooch and use this accessory in different ways. However, there are general rules and recommendations of stylists for using brooches in images. Recommendations are universal and suitable for both jewellery and bijouterie 

The rules are simple: Large women fit rounded brooches and products with smooth lines. Slender ladies will suit any jewellery.

 The bag and shoes should be in harmony with the product: a round one is chosen for a round one, and a sharp one for a pointed one. The ideal place for decoration is the lapel of a jacket. A brooch can fasten the corners of a scarf, scarf folds, jacket shelves, etc. Massive accessories without gems are suitable for the coat collar . If the outfit allows, the decoration is fixed on the belt . Brooches are not worn on colourful outfits and tracksuits. If you know you need an accessory to complete your coat as well as a massive brooch for fastening folds on a light scarf.

 Brooch on a women's jacket Brooches on dresses and jumpers with a V-neck look spectacular and stylish . The accessory can be fixed at the bottom of the cutout. The way a woman plans to wear a brooch can be used when choosing a product as a gift.

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