How to choose the right jewelry for an evening dress: all the features and rules

How to choose the right jewelry for an evening dress: all the features and rules

How to accessorize an evening dress::fashion & style tips.

long evening dress accessorized with a necklace

Most girls love jewelry, but not everyone knows how to pick up jewelry for their outfits. Meanwhile, the wrong choice can greatly spoil the overall impression of the toilet. To successfully choose jewelry for a dress, you will need to remember a few simple recommendations.

 First of all, you should never forget about the format of the event you are going to, that is, you should remember the appropriateness of your choice. In addition, you will need to remember a few important rules: 

Jewelry undoubtedly complements the style and creates a special image of a woman. But the main thing is not to overdo it. Sometimes a small detail is enough to emphasize elegance and femininity. And it is not necessary that it be gold jewelry. You can choose beautiful, stylish jewelry of various brands. 

Moderation above all:

The desire to wear "all the best at once" is often inherent in young girls. However, a lot does not mean beautiful. All jewelry can be divided into two types. The first is the one that goes "to the face". These are earrings, necklaces, chains with pendants, beads, brooches. The second type is used to decorate hands, these are bracelets, rings, watches. 

For an everyday look, it is enough to use one decoration from the first and second groups. For example, wear earrings and a bracelet, or a chain and a ring. You can wear three decorations to the festive outfit, but no more.   

When choosing jewelry, you should take into account the properties of the fabric from which the outfit is sewn. Winter models made of dense materials can be combined with massive decorations. For light and flowing fabrics, elegant jewelry is more suitable. 

Harmony in everything. Jewelry should fit the style of the toilet and be combined with each other. A pearl necklace in combination with a plastic bracelet will look ridiculous.   To bright and catchy outfits, it is recommended to choose modest jewelry and vice versa. It is not recommended to supplement with jewelry dresses sewn from shiny fabrics. As well as models whose neck is decorated with embroidery, ruffles, lace, jabot or bow. No need for jewelry around the neck and for outfits with an American opening. It is undesirable to use jewelry for a dress on one shoulder, especially if the only strap has a decor (rhinestones, embroidery, etc.). To such a dress it is better to wear only earrings and a bracelet. 

  Harmony of color 

The color of the outfit largely determines the choice of costume jewelry. You can choose jewelry for a dress on the principle of contrast, but this contrast should not bring disharmony to the image. The second option is the choice of jewelry under the color of the outfit. But in this case, you need to make sure that the jewelry does not "get lost" against the background of the dress. In addition, when choosing the color of jewelry, you need to take into account your type of appearance. Light-skinned girls are jewelry of cold tones, owners of dark skin are perfectly suited to warm shades.  

 Successful solutions   Here are some harmonious combinations: Blue dress will allow you to appear in all its glory silver jewelry, if you need to put a bright accent, then you should choose jewelry of dark red color.   Red along with additional decorations is not particularly needed, since the color is self-sufficient. But if you want to use jewelry, then you need to pick it up, depending on the purpose of the toilet. So, for an evening outing in red, gold shade decorations are perfect, as well as black. For the everyday version, you can use jewelry of white or red tones (red should not coincide in tone with the dress, it should be lighter or darker). A burgundy dress of a rich shade needs gold-colored decorations. Various "berry" shades are well suited to the burgundy color of the dress - blueberry, blackberry, lingonberry.   It is easy to choose jewelry for a beige dress, as this color goes well with a variety of shades. The yellow dress should be complemented with purple jewelry. To create a gentle romantic image, it is better to use light colors (lilac, violet). Jewelry of purple and eggplant shade against the background of a yellow dress is an option for more daring girls.   A bright fuchsia dress should be complemented by black or silver jewelry. A green dress will allow you to play in a new way jewelry of gold or silver color. A bright accent can be put using jewelry of a coral shade.  

To the gray dress, jewelry of achromatic scale (white, gray, black) is not suitable. To this, along with it is better to choose brighter jewelry, for example, pistachio or purple color. The white dress can be complemented by colored jewelry. Red and blue color will make the image elegant, pastel shades are suitable for creating romantic bows.   The black dress will add the sophistication of pearls. And for everyday bows, you can use any colored decorations. For an outfit with a floral print, you should not choose multi-colored jewelry. It is worth choosing one of the shades present in the color of the outfit, and choose jewelry of this color.   It is difficult to match the costume jewelry to the plaid dress. Decorations for such an outfit should have the most simple design with a minimum of decor. The color is selected for one of the shades of the cell.    

Jewelry according to the style of the dress When choosing jewelry, it is very important to consider the style, purpose of the outfit and the fabric from which it is sewn. 

For the evening So, evening dresses are often sewn from plain beautiful fabrics with a smooth, textured or shiny surface. When choosing jewelry, you need to follow the rule: clothes of a strict cut and laconic design can be combined with massive and catchy jewelry. For dresses of complex cut, it is worth choosing elegant and modest jewelry. 

When choosing earrings, you should focus on the hairstyle. For high styling, you can use long string earrings or studs. If the hair is loose, then it is better to pick up massive earrings. 

Cocktail dresses You can choose a variety of jewelry for cocktail dresses, the main thing is that they fit in style.

So, massive bracelets and necklaces are well suited to a sheath dress. For dresses made of light fabrics with straps, you should choose thin elegant chains. Summer dresses Jewelry for summer casual dresses can be catchy and large. Today, natural materials are in fashion, so you should use products made of wood or semi-precious stones. But plastic jewelry in combination with a summer dress can look stylish. For an outfit made of smoothly dyed fabric, it is worth choosing colorful jewelry, for colored ones - plain. 

Office style For a business dress, you should choose jewelry in a classic, simple style. The best solution is to use one element, for example, a pendant or a brooch. The choice of jewelry depending on the neckline: Since in this case it is necessary to take into account not only the color of the toilet and its style, but also the shape of the neck. Let's figure out how to choose jewelry for the neckline of the dress. 

Bustier. For the evening, models with completely open shoulders are popular. Many girls mistakenly believe that jewelry of any type is suitable for such an evening outfit. But stylists do not recommend using massive necklaces or multi-layered beads for such dresses. An ideal choice is an elegant decoration around the neck. Jewelry should not be located below the subclavian fossa. V-shaped neckline. Such a neckline can be deep and moderate, but in any case, long chains are categorically not suitable for such clothes. The pendant should be selected in a geometric shape, resembling the shape of a cutout. 

Round neck dress. Massive jewelry or long chains are perfect for such clothes. Clothing with a high neck (stand collar). The best choice for such a dress is a long string of beads or a layered decoration worn over the dress. 

Boat neckline. For such a dress, you can not wear jewelry around the neck, limiting yourself to earrings. But if you wish, you can wear a thin long chain with a pendant. 

Everything should be in moderation.Costume jewelry should complement your chosen image.Expensive jewelry looks original,but you should not make yourself a Christmas tree. 

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