How to choose wall art for the interior: designer tips and trends

How to choose wall art for the interior: designer tips and trends

Choosing paintings for the interior: designer tips and fashion trends

The concept of the interior design of the premises determines the style, compositional construction of the living space. Accessories and décor, as a whole lend sophistication and exquisiteness to the room. Paintings in the interior are a reflection of artistic taste and aesthetic preferences that can change over time. In order to correctly fit a certain picture into the interior, you need to know about a number of nuances that will help create a single harmonious space, where the object of fine art will be a natural part of the home scheme.

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There are sources of information as well as trends in the use of art in home design, that will help you successfully choose a picture for an interior

Fashionable painting for the interior. What's trending now?

Homes have always been decorated with wall pictures. Paintings are considered  works of visual art that capture the expression of ideas and emotions . Artists bring their sense of inner vision and attitude to the creation of these wall art pieces. This is precisely the reason that there are many styles and trends in art. The uniqueness of the artist's style is the main value of the creation. As long as there is a balance between this creativity and the nature of a person, this work of art will organically fit into his home space. Of course to make it work you also need to be able to understand and feel the painting, and often be ready to invest enough money in it. For example In the houses of wealthy people who appreciate paintings, you can often find works of famous artists.

When you need to aesthetically revive the interior, bring mood into it, make it more original and expressive, you can use posters. With the advent of photo printing and technological advances for processing the drawings, the boundaries of possibilities have expanded significantly. Now you can modify, replicate canvases and photos of famous authors. Printouts are made on various substances- fabric or paper. They may even not differ from the original pieces, or may be their creative rethinking. 


There are catalogues that offer the most popular canvas paintings for interiors.

Popular art posters, photos:

  • reproductions of famous authors;
  • photowall-paper of different sizes;
  • frescoes;
  • graphic, black and white images;
  • abstraction;
  • animalistic paintings depicting animals, birds, butterflies;
  • 3D images;
  • Modular paintings .

Painting, texture graphics is an interior decoration technique when an image is drawn directly on the wall.


Interior paintings should correspond to the general style and the concept of the design of the room. Classical homes will suit Canvases painted in the manner of abstraction, realism.

Interiors decorated in "home" (organic) styles will benefit from paintings in the spirit of impressionism (post-impressionism, pointillism). A distinctive feature of such images is that they draw not so much the object itself as they try to convey sensations and impressions from it. Design trends in the spirit of minimalism attract expressive abstraction. Paintings in the style of expressionism, graphics, 3D images, black and white photos will organically fit this style interior.

The recommendations of the experts are of a general nature. It is important that the chosen picture for the interior will correspond to the aesthetic taste, attitude of the owner, and evoke positive emotions.

Animalistic painting in a loft style living room.

These paintings are heavily inspired by nature and its beauty.

Natural and Animalistic images are the most ancient type of painting. Animalistic painting is an interesting and popular technique for decorating a room. Basically, they are used for interior decoration in the style of minimalism. Expressive images of animals and insects such as butterflies add an element of expression to the interior. An interesting solution is a graphic drawing in the form of an animal silhouette. They will fit organically into the loft-style interior.


Modular painting in the loft-style living room

Modular paintings are fashionable decor often used by designers.

Types of modular images:

  • one composition is divided into several segments;
  • select several images, similar in semantic content and colour type.

The main compositional module is located in the centre. Dividing into segments makes the image more dynamic and vivid. The feeling of monotony of a solid canvas disappears. These compositions consisting of sections with different parameters look more impressive.

The loft style originated in a bohemian environment, so bright decor will fit naturally in it. Free space, a characteristic feature of the stylistics, allows the use of large-scale canvases. Modular images are organic for a hall, a loft-style living room.


The choice of paintings for the interior in the loft style

Abstract painting in a room of constructivism style

Abstractionism is a direction in painting, which is the opposite of realism. The artist pursues the goal not to accurately display the object, but to convey his mood and emotions through a colour combination and symbolic forms. An abstract painting is designed to evoke a certain mood and philosophical reflections. Interpretations of the meaning put by the artist may differ, since abstraction is just a symbol.

Constructivism is a style with well-thought-out clear lines of construction, everything is subordinated to functionality. The use of decor is kept to a minimum. Abstract images fit organically into this style ,complementing rather than just decorating the room.


Painting carries a creative, emotional beginning. Paintings for the interior are an opportunity to create a certain aura, mood, to give a room an aesthetic sophistication and originality. They emphasise the style and help to model the space. 

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