How to master smart casual fashion - 5 smart casual style outfit ideas.

How to master smart casual fashion - 5 smart casual style outfit ideas.



Comfort and practicality with a touch of chic - this is how stylists characterize the modern smart casual style. This style has recently originated in Italy, but in its popularity it has already surpassed the classics and street casual. These are outfits  that are both comfortable, but also stylish, practical and loose, allowing you to feel maximum comfort during the day. 

Style history

The phrase smart casual is translated from “smart everyday style”. Smart casual has already been popular among office and bank employees who preferred a more casual informal image in everyday life, and reserved strict classical suits only for special occasions.


Smart casual has become even more informal and practical these days. Classic jackets for men and women's suits are now sewn from soft fabrics, styles of trousers, skirts and dresses do not hinder movement and bring amazing comfort. At the same time, the clothes remain aesthetically attractive and restrained.


It is very important to strike a balance between formal and informal dress code in smart casual style.


The famous designer Giorgio Armani is recognized as the founder of the modern variation of smart casual style. It was he who was the first in his collections to present lightweight versions of classic suits, which at the same time did not look less presentable. The combination of a comfortable turtleneck and a practical suit has become versatile and loved by many fans of comfortable fashion.


Smart casual style principles

Incredibly popular among both men and women, the smart casual style has certain principles, knowledge of which will help to correctly and harmoniously put together a certain dress code for every day:

  1. Natural fabrics with moderate elasticity. When choosing clothes, pay attention to fabrics. Moderately soft and elastic materials help to maintain the shape of clothes, without wrinkles, looking luxurious (cotton, dense knitwear, wool, tweed). The combination of beautiful fabric and elegant cut allows you to feel free and stylish in such clothes in everyday life.
  2. Actual color palette. Smart casual for women uses basic colors, including all shades of pastel and nude, black, gray, blue, purple, green, brown. For an accent, you can combine clothes in a muted red or burgundy color. As a print, classic colors are used - stripes, checks, crow's feet, geometric patterns.
  3. For everyday use, you should use the formula for combining basic things:


  • wide trousers and loose blouses;
  • plain dresses of simple cut, decorated with accessories;
  • business suit made of soft comfortable fabrics;
  • midi skirts with a free silhouette top;
  • jeans and cashmere pullover;
  • a fashionable basic jacket now is not a semi-fitted silhouette, but a loose fit.


A properly selected basic wardrobe allows you to create many comfortable images that, moreover, fit perfectly on the figure, emphasizing all its advantages.


Actual colors and style prints

In the smart casual direction, the classic palette of neutral colors and shades is clearly visible, which are incredibly stylish and harmoniously combined with each other.


Basic colors include white, black, gray and brown. It is clothing in such semitones that should occupy a dominant place in the image. Clothes of pastel and nude shades are used as additional elements, in addition, accessories of green, turquoise, blue colors are added. A very stylish image is one that is selected in the same color scheme in mixed half-tones, for example, complex combinations of blue and green and their transitional shades.


The smart casual dress code does not allow bright and acid colors. To emphasize a certain detail of the wardrobe, designers use white, black or red.


The print of the materials is also important. It is allowed to use a cage, peas, stripes and geometric patterns as basic ones. Complex ornaments and bright floral prints in smart casual style are not used. As an exception, with a competent combination, you can combine plain clothes with accessories. Shoes, belt or scarf, dyed in snakeskin, will become a stylish addition to a gray or black trouser suit, thus giving the look the missing elegance.


Shoes and accessories

It is difficult to imagine a fashionable and popular smart casual style without original and elegant accessories. The main adornment of the image, as a rule, is considered to be correctly selected shoes. As basic options, most often used are pumps with both low (kitten heel) and high heels. Girls do not use sports shoes in a smart casual style, but sneakers.


Smart casual shoes are so diverse that it makes no sense to talk about any specific selection rules. The heel can be either high or medium. The same applies to the width of the heel - both a thin stiletto heel and a wide massive heel will come in handy for creating an elegant look. The only thing to consider is comfort. If a girl feels free and comfortable on a stiletto heel, it means that such shoes have the right to remain in a wardrobe, selected in the smart casual style.


Comfortable and practical shoes, as a rule, are sewn from natural soft leather or suede, textiles. Pay attention to the absence of bulky decor in the form of chains, spikes and other metal objects. However, it is allowed to use patent leather inserts or lacing to decorate women's shoes.


Other elements that can be combined with a smart casual wardrobe:

  • Various types of shawls and scarves. Shawls of muted pastel shades are mainly used - beige, sandy cream, light coffee.
  • Hats and gloves - gray and brown undertones look the most stylish.
  • Bags for everyday style are selected without bulky decor - bulky and massive or medium sizes.
  • Use small, minimalist jewelry. Classic jewelry made of gold and pearls will perfectly complement your smart casual look.


Smart casual style guidelines

The smart casual dress code was created primarily to make office workers feel comfortable during the working day. The appearance of employees should indicate a relaxed, and at the same time strict attitude towards their own appearance.

Elegant smart casual for women makes office workers feel free in any weather. After all, their clothes are pleasant to the touch, and fashionable styles do not hinder movement and do not bring discomfort.


However, stylists warn that the seeming simplicity of a casual style can be deceiving. It is very easy to simplify your wardrobe as much as possible and thus look ridiculous or awkward in an office setting. Or, on the contrary, disregard the rules regarding minimalist decor and choose an image sparkling with excessive glamor. Still, a touch of conservatism should be present in moderation in a daily onion.

If you decide to create your own basic smart casual wardrobe, we recommend using the basic recommendations from world famous stylists and designers.


Wardrobe items such as short and long sleeved blouses and shirts, cashmere turtlenecks and jumpers, loose jackets, comfortable and practical tops and T-shirts (if your work allows) are suitable for the top. Finally, replace the tight classic jacket with a looser one, made of soft fabrics. At the moment, women's suits are at their peak of popularity, pay attention to the new cut and models. 

As a bottom, we recommend purchasing high-rise ankle-length trousers, skirts, midi dresses of medium length. Ripped blue jeans with bright decor are absolutely inappropriate for a basic smart casual wardrobe.

One rule is important about trousers - they must have a perfect fit and fit well. Choose a heel that is sized to be comfortable all day long.

Elegant everyday life is a versatile and a favorite style of most modern girls. Intense glamor, and with it an abundance of rhinestones and stones is in the past for now .

In Conclusion

Find your style and don't be afraid to experiment. Check out the smart casual style gallery,for inspiration. Follow the simple rules of the dress code, and you can achieve comfort and at the same time easily pass the face control of the fashion club.

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