how to style boho clothing - style me boho: how to incorporate the boho trend into your wardrobe

how to style boho clothing - style me boho: how to incorporate the boho trend into your wardrobe

Boho style implies a free silhouette, an abundance of details with simple shapes, layering and naturalness.

The boho style will suit both young and old ladies, both fat and thin. It is universal.

Bohemian chic style can reveal even the most insecure woman. Free styles, original patterns and body-friendly fabrics will not leave anyone indifferent, as ethno combines not only fashion, but also comfort. A boho style blouse is a special element of clothing, as it combines hippies and ethnicity at the same time. In order for the blouse to look harmonious in the finished image, you should consider the features of the combinations in advance.

Fashionable blouses in boho style .

A boho blouse will suit not only self-confident women, but also girls who are ready for experiments. Although ethnic blouses are simple in cut, thanks to natural fabrics they look very expensive and beautiful. The two main features of the ethno are layering and a large number of stripes, ruffles and tassels. Since bohemians are characterised by experiments, the finished image becomes spectacular thanks to a lot of bright accessories and minor accents. With ethno-chic clothes, you can create a bow for any occasion: both for a romantic date due to its playfulness, and for an extraordinary open-air party. In order not to miscalculate and make a harmonious image, do not forget that the basis of any ethnicity is naturalness both in fabrics and in shades. Blouses are not synthetic and flashy shades, which distinguishes eco from other forms. In addition, layering perfectly corrects the figure. If you do not want to achieve this effect, just add a belt at the waist.

 boho chick gorgeous silk blouse

What materials are boho blouses made of? Since ethno has been around for a long time, no stylist wants to break the established concept and add even a small percentage of synthetics to tailoring. The fabrics that allow excess moisture and air to pass through, so it is great for summer time. What do boho blouses look like? Although a boho-style blouse is sewn from different materials, it looks approximately the same in any interpretation. These are heterogeneous voluminous blouses, which are characterised by three popular trends - hippie, ethnic and gypsy motifs. In such clothes, other minor trends are often found. The main highlight of the boho style is considered to be a multifaceted combination. Often there are models in which 2 or more natural fabrics are combined at the same time. The trend is styles that show contrasting combinations of boho-style blouses, not only in structure, but also in shades. A boho blouse is always decorated with decorative details, including interesting inserts and patterns. Choose models with a lot of jewellery to definitely be in trend. Fashionistas note that blouses, in particular, sleeveless jackets, are similar to the clothes of the Middle Ages. This effect is achieved due to the texture of natural fabrics, as well as colours close to natural.

boho blouse lyxery silk

Short-sleeve A short sleeve blouse is best worn in summer. The minimum sleeve for boho style blouses is called wings: it starts at the top of the shoulder and reaches the armpits. Long sleeves are not only found in classic blouses, and besides, they cannot be called an exclusively summer option. Long sleeves in boho style remain the favourites of women. A blouse with long sleeves is found in several versions: decorated with a tight elastic band or special cuffs.

Silk Stand Collar Blouse

What to wear with boho blouses In ethno-chic, there are no boundaries and prohibitions for creating the final image. That is why for a successful set it is enough to know the basics of combinations, after which you can go in search of suitable models, for example, a boho-style vest. Looking at photos from fashion shows, you can highlight the main elements of the wardrobe that go best with a blouse. Trousers For an ideal ethnic look, a jacket should be combined with plain trousers. It is believed that only skirts complement Bohemia, but this is not so. A good option for a finished bow is jeans of a simple cut, slightly flared, as well as capri pants and dark leggings. If we knit outerwear for the image on our own, it is advisable to select a material that will be combined with the bottom. The most popular models that are guaranteed to fit a blouse are flared, wide and alladins. Many believe that most of them are no longer in trend, but this is not so. As a bonus, you can visually remove a couple of centimetres in the hips and buttocks. Recently, fashionistas have begun to pay attention to risky styles, including denim baggy buggies. They are selected either in one muted shade, or with a minimal print.

Shorts A boho-style jacket is perfectly complemented by light straight-cut shorts. Often this look is used for going to the beach, but in autumn you can combine suede shorts with fringe and other decorative elements under a blouse. Denim shorts are popular.

Fashionistas pick up both simple styles and unusual, torn ones. Thanks to them, layering is created, since you can safely wear a wide, light blouse with many ruffles and frills.

Spectacular images in the style of boho-chic Not every girl, knowing about the many nuances of ethno-chic, is able to rely on her own taste. That is why it is rare to find bold ethnic images on the streets. To find inspiration in yourself, you should trust the tastes of designers and fashion experts. Each season of shows is accompanied by interesting solutions in folk decoration, which are easy to repeat on your own. To do this, check out a selection of original images from models and public figures. Keira Knightley Bohemia is able to transform any girl, give her lightness and the desired playfulness. But it is not always possible to create the right ethnic image the first time. In order not to make a mistake and confidently combine a blouse with other elements, you should study the main recommendations and small nuances in advance. 

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