Like two drops of water: all about paired rings

Like two drops of water: all about paired rings

Like two drops of water: all about paired rings

Choosing rings for her and him

So What are Couple rings all about.

Such a fashion trend as paired rings has appeared relatively recently, and has already managed to win its fans. Today it is very common to see couples with identical rings on their hands. The design of such jewelry is created in such a way that they match in style, but at the same time keep a certain difference between them (female/male). Women and girls usually wear thinner rings than their male halves.

 On the other hand, it turns out that this story is very old. Paired rings denote halves, which after the wedding turn into a single whole. Moreover, it was believed that the same wedding rings strengthen the marriage bond, while different ones are fraught with quarrels and misunderstandings.

Paired rings even had their own name - “promising”, which meant that by giving such an ornament to the chosen one, you made some important, secret promise. What promise? It all depended on the degree of confidence in their couple feelings, fantasy and responsibility for what was said. It could be a reassurance to always keep a loved one in your heart or a guarantee to be there, no matter what happens. That is something romantic, sublime and at the same time relevant to your love story in real life.


One way or another, the tradition of giving paired rings continues to gain momentum. According to traditions, the best choice of matching rings is smooth, without corners, rings with wavy lines: it is believed that then life itself will help the spouses smoothly bypass all life's obstacles.

In general, couple rings are a tradition, a trend, and an entire industry. The latter, it should be noted, enthusiastically responds to this trend, offering a variety of options.


Paired rings, for example, can be designed so that they literally cannot do without each other. The most obvious example is when the image of the heart or  a butterfly (the meaningful amulet) are divided into two equal parts, each of which is applied to the rings. Connect - and get a single picture. Want something more intricate? You will be offered rings in the form of a socket and a plug or in the form of a nut and a screw. Again, the whole focus here is in the connection of these rings, symbolising the merging of two loving souls.

Jewelry in the same style or even the same is a common practice. However, designers approach this kind of format with a twist, creating these rings so that they are common in style, common in appearance, and at the same time emphasise - albeit subtly - the difference between a man and a woman. The classic trick is to make a woman's ring thinner than a man's.

By the way, these rings do not have to be worn exactly on the finger - if desired, and in the presence of chains or cords, they can be turned into pendants. Not sure, however, that this would be appropriate if we are talking about wedding rings. Although ... It's your  decision.

DartNFly will delight lovers with its chic collection of jewelry. Clear photos make it possible to make a choice in favour of the best option and compare all the presented models with each other.

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