Little Black Dress - the story of the Iconic cult outfit of Princess Diana.

Little Black Dress - the story of the Iconic cult outfit of Princess Diana.

"Dress of Vengeance": the story of the cult outfit of Princess Diana, which stirred up the whole world

The history of the Little Black Dress - the Fashion History.  After Prince Charles confessed his infidelity to Diana, it became obvious that this union could not be saved. Despite the fact that this whole story with the love triangle brought Diana a lot of pain, she managed to take revenge on her husband without saying a single word. When the "queen of hearts" and the main icon of the style of the twentieth century came to a charity evening at the Serpentine Gallery, no one expected that her first appearance in the status of an abandoned woman would make such a splash. It was on that evening that Charles publicly confessed his many sins.

Probably, it was at the moment when Charles spoke on camera about his infidelity, Diana got out of the car, catching the admiring glances of the whole world. She was dressed in a luxurious black dress and high-heeled shoes. As a style icon, Diana has always been a role model, but none of her previous outfits had as much fame as the "revenge dress." That's how journalists dubbed her outfit. On that June evening in 1994, Diana didn't look sad. Rather, on the contrary, the stunning dress emphasized the dignity of her figure. It wasn't just a dress. It was a clear sign of disobedience to the role she was supposed to play in the royal family. Then the whole world was looking at Diana's bare shoulders.

The representatives of the British royal family do not allow themselves such liberties, Diana's velvet cocktail outfit has become a real challenge to society. Diana, by her own example, showed what a woman should look like after a painful breakup with a man.

No one had seen Diana so bold and daring. It's amazing how one little black dress became part of history. Wearing the little black dress, Diana without a word declared her attitude to the situation. With one gesture, the princess showed all her feminine power. That evening, there was not a single hint of piety and restraint in Diana's outfit. In a dress with a tight silhouette, Her Highness looked just fine. Some found this outfit provocative, but many found it exquisite. The asymmetrical hem made the classic little black dress even more original. It really was a big statement. Smiling sweetly that evening, Diana was actually screaming.Everything about this outfit was no coincidence. Even high-heeled shoes. It's no secret that Charles is shorter than the height of the princess. Diana had to wear flat-soled shoes for years, so as not to emphasize her height too much. She really looked like a million dollars that night. According to rumors, this dress has been waiting for its finest hour for more than three years. Before that, Diana just didn't dare to put it on. Literally at the very last moment, instead of Valentino, the princess preferred the outfit of designer Christina Stambolian. The goal was definitely achieved. Three years later, the "revenge dress" was presented at a charity auction. The dress was sold for sixty-five thousand dollars. The funds were used to help people with oncology and AIDS.

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