Night out looks - what to wear to a club part event- dress to impress night club

Night out looks - what to wear to a club part event- dress to impress night club

Club style of clothing for girls and women

The club is always bright, seductive, and expensive. It's a bit like going out into the theatre. Women's clothing should be interesting, but not vulgar. Balancing on the border of sexuality and chastity is always difficult, but this is the option that suits the most.

Club style – what is it?

It can also be called disco or fashion for a party. The club style is determined by bright and moderately frank clothes, catchy makeup, unusual accessories, spectacular shoes. In short, the club genre allows anything you wouldn't allow yourself to do during the day.

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In addition, the clothes of the party girl must correspond to some unspoken dress code in order to be allowed into the club. If the entrance is refused, it means that something is wrong in the composed image. Let's understand in detail what this style is, how to dress and how not to miss the choice of things.

Basics of the club dress code

The main rule for a girl is to look catchy, but not vulgar. This means that a short mini or a frank neckline is quite resolved. But it is forbidden to show all your charms at the same time. Namely:

  • if the skirt is short, the top must be decent;
  • the bodice is open - for the bottom it is worth choosing trousers or a skirt of medium length.

You can always show one thing! That's the only way to strike a balance.

Club clothes are necessarily bright, with glitter or "loud" prints. Sequins, lacquer elements, huge inscriptions, neon inclusions are appropriate. Perfectly fits into the concept of bright pink, blue, scarlet, yellow and all acid colors.

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Designer frilly things are well suited for a set to the club.

Just don’t get carried away: a Christmas tree or a “walking bed set”, of course, does not belong here.


From materials, give preference to glossy, expensive, translucent fabrics. Leather, suede, mesh, chiffon, lacquer, lurex, shiny synthetics, high-quality jeans, sequins, fringe, taffeta, tulle, metallicity, acidity "work" wonderfully. Clothing must stand out in the light of strobe lights and disco balls.


From fashion to decoration

Frankness, but without excessive seductiveness, is a priority. Perfectly fit into the club image:

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dresses: red leather with an open back; gold to the middle of the thigh with slits on the sides or in front; with an open bodice made of metallic fabric;

boyfriend jeans and a translucent white blouse;

denim shorts and a black t-shirt with sequins;

tight-fitting leggings, a long jacket in lurex fabric and a crop top;

lacquer shorts and black satin longsleeve;

closed mini-dress made of mesh with a cover.

Lots of options. The main thing is to be bright and not vulgar. Clothing should be of high quality, expensive, fit well.

Small handbag is recommended. A shiny clutch on a strap, a beaded purse, a tiny postman, a belt bag made of bright fabric will do.


Of the jewelry, a choker, huge hoop earrings, many bracelets (plastic, metal), rings with large stones will perfectly fit into the ensemble. Real gold or silver is absolutely optional.

Shoes are desirable with high heels. But if this is difficult, you can find something at low speed. For example:

pointy ballet flats with straps will fit into a glamorous look;

in bright casual - summer ankle boots with trim;

in sport chic - suede or leather sneakers on a thick tractor.


How to dress at different ages?

For women after 30, it is advisable to think over the outfit for the club more carefully. Acid colours, bright pink or leather mini are no longer suitable here. Club clothing style should be "smart", prudent, "expensive". Lycra purple leggings and a crop top are absolutely not suitable for a presentable lady who wants to relax. The priority is outfits that emphasise status. Perfectly fit into the evening club dress code:

knee-length linen-style satin dress;

jeans and a white blouse;

trendy trousers, an elongated top and a jacket.

In a word, it is worth emphasising exactly your age, belonging to the adult world, the high cost of the outfit. And of course, a good figure.

 After 40 years in the ensemble, it is better to focus on casual within your age. You can’t choose purely classic clothes, but completely modified for street style. The image should mean "I was passing by and decided to look", no more. Great for:

trouser suit (soft blazer, cropped trousers);

an expensive blouse with sequins (one-color or two-three-color, but without prints);

classic jeans;

a closed dress within the club dress code, but with an emphasis on the high cost of the material and the perfect style.

At any age, a stylish hairstyle, neat manicure and make-up are a little brighter than usual.

Tips for obese

Young ladies with volume are advised to slightly reduce the degree of seductiveness in the choice of clothes and focus on materials and tailoring. The outfit should fit well. And most importantly - like its owner. She must feel like a queen in him.

Pay attention to the following clothing options:

blouse with sequins A-line with a straight sleeve to the elbow;

tunic with a sleeve lowered from one shoulder;

jeans, trousers, leggings cut "on the leg" of dark color with fashionable inserts;

expensive T-shirt with lurex.

A short blazer, a leather club jacket, a designer blouse with a bust bodice and many other options that perfectly hide flaws will perfectly fit into the image. Volumetric parts of the body are better not to flaunt, but do not need to hide. Don't forget your heels and handbag. Of the jewelry, long earrings are better - tassels, pearl chandeliers, something golden, but elegant.


Taboo for the club

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The following nuances are prohibited for a disco image:

  • Classic clothes. No strict pants, jackets, office shirts.
  • Flared skirts and midi and maxi length dresses.
  • Tracksuits, trowels, hoodies, pants, running shoes.
  • Things of pastel shade or with a small print (flowers, polka dots, etc.).
  • Beachwear.
  • Shopping bags, bags, big torbs and anything else big.
  • Evening and ball gowns.
  • From shoes - boots, boots, flip-flops.


Clothing in the club style should be light, breathable, easily drying. The girl looks charming, seductive, but unattainable in her. A frank "proposal" has no place here. Only the desire to show yourself, to "play a theatrical performance."

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