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On changes in jewelry design in Gothic style brands

style spirit

Today, the Gothic style is associated with the subcultures of the younger generation and the society, as a whole retains interest in the decadent style. The spirit of decadence affects the culture and the production of consumer goods. The renaissance of the dean's office should also be explained by the tension of economic crises. But everything we know about historical GOTHIC as a style has nothing to do with modern Gothic.

The stinginess of colors is compensated by decorations

Any style demonstrates the individuality of the individual and is a sign of self-expression. The parsimony of colors of modern Gothic is compensated by a variety of accessories and decorations. Fans of the Gothic style are not only representatives of the subculture, but also ordinary citizens who express their own style and tastes, whose mission is not to shock others, but rather bring a bright zest to the image. Jewelry copes best with this task.

For more than 10 years, the Gothic style has been successfully exploited by world jewelry brands, bringing income and fame. Top Jewelry Brands very often diversify their assortment with collections in the Gothic style. We can name quite a few brands to which the Gothic style has brought world fame..

The trendsetters of the Gothic fashion were musicians, whose appearance was guided by their fans. At an early stage of the Gothic subculture as in 1980s, individual elements in the representative’s image of the Gothic fashion style were much more extreme and outrageous than can be seen today. 

The Goth subculture is divided into many subtypes: antique, Renaissance, Victorian, cyber goths, Glittergoths, corporate Goths and many others. All of them are united by the emphasized aristocracy of style, craving for art and moods.

On the design of jewelry - all jewelry of this style can be described by the name: "Dazzling Gothic" or "Gothic Renaissance". (Products made of base metals are not usually classified as jewelry, but rather referred to as jewelry). Among the world's brands that produce products in this style, few people use gold and diamonds. Manufacturers of jewelry made of steel, brass and even silver are not particularly demanding in the finishing of the product, Products are positioned - for bold connoisseurs of beauty, with an individual vision of fashion.

However, you should not assume that the gothic style brand's products are exclusively vulgar and shocking. On the contrary, here the classics are harmoniously combined with an individual and unusual mindset, intended and designed for brave and independent individ.
Branded jewelry received rave reviews not only from the public, but also from critics, resulting in the receipt of the New Generation Award from the British Fashion Council. In collaboration with famous designers, limited edition collections were created  inspired for exaby cubist artist Fernand Ledger. Individual aesthetics, grooved cuffs and oversized brass knuckles were so popular that they were sold, even before their show in London at Fashion Week took place.

 These styles can be expressed by words such as boldness, eccentricity and ingenuity. This Goth Style Jewelry, which is full of surprises, and ideas, looks very stylish and modern.

Designers who are creative, driving force and decision makers are behind these ideas and brands.

Vita in Italian means "life", and fede - "faith"-  Such a mixture of cultures are reflected in the aesthetics of the brands producing this bold style fashion jewelry: when creating collections, designers are inspired by the treasures of world civilization, and products are addressed primarily to women who feel equally confident on different continents. And indeed, elegant laconic rings, bracelets and earrings are ideal for jetsetter lifestyle: these will look great at any time of the day and with any outfit, from casual jeans to cocktail dress. Jetsetters are international party-goers, people who have breakfast in Rio, lunch in New York, and dinner in Amsterdam. 

Jewelry of avant-garde design artists. The basic foundations of traditional jewelry craftsmanship and classical artistry of performance is a prerequisite for their implementation of the ideas.

From bloggers and beauty models to actresses and singers – and even Beyoncé herself – all the successful ladies have paraded these kind of earrings and pendants. It's interesting to see how differently each of the celebrities gave the accessory their appearance and demonstrated how diverse these jewelry pieces can be.

All the luxury collections of Goth Style encapsulate the paradox of threat and beauty. The contrast between the notions of delicacy and cruel temptation, as well as protection from danger, creates a striking balance and is well suited to the artistic interpretation. 

Each such product finds its consumer, the collections are in steady demand. Easily working in the style of punk, this gothic style brands demonstrate a huge potential in the production of luxury jewelry.

 The Gothic subculture is diverse and heterogeneous due to its active individuality. Goths are a stylistic trend in the Gothic Renaissance, one of the groups within the subculture.This gothic style gravitates towards the romantically pale elegance. Their representatives are usually tragically beautiful, slender, exquisitely pale, long-haired and attractive individuals.

The Symbolism of jewelry

In The Gothic aesthetics, a lot of popular symbols from different religions and eras are used, the products emphasize the connection with witchcraft and the other world. Goths use Egyptian, Christian and Celtic symbolism.

Popular jewelry in the form of insect of mothsand spiders, bats, images of chimeras and gargoyles. An abundance of symbols of death and eternal life. The "favorite" stone of the Gothic collection is onyx. To maintain contrast, black diamonds and rubies of the color "Eye of the Dragon" are used.

Christian symbolism is used sparsely, mostly in the form of ordinary crucifixes with a more stylish than usual design. Celtic symbolism is found in the form of abundant use of Celtic crosses and various Celtic ornaments. Occult symbolism is widely represented by pentagrams, inverted crosses, eight-pointed stars (symbols of chaos).

 decadence style jewelry brands

This Gothic Style Jewelry which invariably attracts attention is worn by many world stars: Kate Moss, Pink, Naomi Campbell, the Beckham couple, Nicolas Cage, Elton John, Jay Z and Robbie Williams, and Madonna preferred the wedding ring of this kind of brand.

Designers call their  brand's motto  "beauty and danger." Seaking for inspiration on the "dark side" of the human soul. Unusual and chic rings, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry represent this kind of motto of the brands creating a stunning "dramatic glamour".

“the bottomlessness of horror is only an inspiration”

 The complexity of the human personality is expressed through bipolarity: day and night, good and bad, angel and demon, life and death, mind and emotion, reality and mysticism." The younger generation can now most often call the skull - cute, but by no means scary. In luxury jewelry, images of skulls, claws and wings are used. This new understanding of existing symbols, provides a new idea in jewelry art.

from subculture to mass consumption.

Today, Gothic jewelry from a popular trend has already turned into one of the directions of jewelry design and it is unlikely that jewelers "undertakers" will bury their precious trinkets.

 new or forgotten...?

It is worth noting that the known precious "Skull" story is one of the loudest since the beginning of the XXI century. And this story undoubtedly has a continuity, because since the weakening of the influence of the church, modern man needs support and protection and he is looking for it in archaic images thus filling the collective unconsciousness. Jewelry with skulls is bold and shocking. For more than 10 years, we've seen their cute smiles on so many things we wear and love. The skull as a symbolic image is used so wodely that it’s not necessary to look for the listings of names of famous and other unknown designers who produce them for mass culture. The skull as a basic image has been showing us this stability for a very long time (from the point of view of a

fashion trend).

 Dear and courageous.

- An assortment of beautifully designed jewelry inspired by nature with natural intonations and symbiosis between designer and artisan. These collection of animalistic goth style jewelry is distinguished by carefully made elements. Chains and bracelets in the form of captive cords, with smooth injection molding moths and other insects inserts and elements of fine forging, with a similar pattern in earrings and cufflinks.

There are no Decadent symbols in the jewelry. The two-tone version gives them a complex pattern, and resembles Celtic ornaments. In general, the decoration looks expensive, masculine, creates a temporary feeling of the Middle Ages. This can explain the popularity of these brands among the Aryan race.

“ Victorian lace umbrellas”.

Victorian Goths – called ("antique Goths" and "Romantic Goths") – are generally the most beautiful and spectacular Gothic style devotees. This style does not require the mandatory use of black. Often the costumes are close as possible to the costumes of different eras. Women who adhere to this style usually wear long dresses, corsets, lace veils, long gloves, decorative umbrellas, men - tailcoats and cylinders.

The Victorian period is characterized by distrust of the sensual side of human life and nature, the suppression of all natural principles, the cultivation of fear of any pleasure. During the reign of Queen Victoria, black clothes, mourning jewelry, jewelry made from black onyx or from the hair of a loved one first came into fashion.

 for Angelina Jolie and beyond

Gothic Style brands are literally broke into the high society and confidently squeezed out competitors.They Became widely known in 2007, when Angelina Jolie wore goth jewelry to the Golden Globe Awards.

Each product is a real work of art. Vintage-ethnic style of jewelry makes them especially bright and unique. The jewelry surprisingly combines a variety of materials: precious metals and stones coexist with uncut rocks. In the products there are non-standard inclusions of such unique materials as ivory, jade, Turkish turquoise and many others. 

  “Timeless Art”

“High Baroque" Goth style Jewelry. These jewelry products are always sophistication, tenderness, openwork, subtlety; sometimes frivolity, sometimes on the verge of pretentiousness; at times modest, and, sometimes, not very modest charm of the bourgeoisie; but be sure to be a fairy tale, lace, lightness, texture and impeccable work.

“Stories about our roots”

 In the creation of jewelry, artists put a very deep meaning - The search for inner spiritual strength, it is a struggle one must endure in order to create something Great." “... the spirit of unpredictable passions that roams within us, and manifests itself as a creative force thus magical thing called jewelry in gorgeous goth style is born - sophistication and high-quality work

 The openwork and lightness of decorations in the Gothic collections echoes the facades of Gothic cathedrals.. The development of style is based on the symbols and images of previous generations, undergoing rethinking and receiving a new interpretation. The attitude to any of the artistic styles of the past was not so changeable as to the Gothic. Since the Renaissance, Gothic has been perceived as a symbol of all that is dark and retrograde. Only the romantic-feminine branch of the style managed to avoid denial. The design of this kind of jewelry is based on the lace Gothic melted into Baroque, as the image of a beautiful lady rose in the Victorian style and Art Nouveau. Currently, the style has long been successfully used in jewelry due to the conservatism of jewelry production and its proximity to the craft.

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