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Can you give a picture for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day , Valentines Day or a birthday and how to choose it correctly?

If You were invited to a special occasion or a party, and you want to surprise the birthday girl or boy with a bright memorable gift? You can learn in advance about their preferences, buy expensive souvenirs or interior items. But it is even better to please with a stylish picture: even if the birthday person has everything he needs for a happy life, then such a gift will certainly be to his liking. Works of art with different subjects will be appreciated by both collectors and connoisseurs of beauty, the main thing is to choose the right plot. Many people argue about whether it is possible to give a picture and what artistic masterpieces are best presented as a gift. There are practically no restrictions: if you know what the birthday boy is fond of, then you can easily find a picture with a perfect theme

Rules for choosing paintings:

 Before you go to the art store, you should familiarise yourself with some guidelines

: When choosing a picture, you should listen to your inner voice, that will tell you whether it carries a positive mood and whether the birthday boy will like it. 

Find out the artistic tastes of the owners of the apartment. If they love the classics, then it is unlikely that they will be pleased with the avant-garde creation or abstraction. 

Fans of art photography should not be given romantic paintings, and connoisseurs of Bosch will not be very happy with landscapes. 

Estimate the size of the apartment or office. A large canvas occupying half the wall in a one-room apartment is unlikely to delight the gifted. It is worth considering the style in the interior, the color of the wallpaper and flooring, other paintings. Consider the gender and age of the person to whom you are going to give such a gift. If you follow all these rules, you can choose a wonderful gift that will delight the birthday boy for many years.

Portrait. Many argue about whether it is worth giving a portrait for a birthday. Since ancient times, there has been a belief that with the help of such a gift you can control another person and influence him. In fact, it's just a sign that no one pays attention to these days. Moreover, such a gift will delight both a man and a woman. Who among us does not want to decorate the wall with his image, especially if it favourably emphasises our beauty and eccentricity?

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