Silver bracelets and their features | how to choose and wear.

Silver is one of the most popular precious metals used in jewelry. Silver products are undemanding in care, not subject to corrosion. Silver for jewelers is a soft and easy-to-process material, easily polished, so there are a lot of silver products on the market and the choice of jewelry is almost limitless. The cost of silver is much lower than gold, and products from it look no less elegant. Any woman should have at least one silver bracelet, because such a decoration not only differs in style, but also contributes to the maintenance of health: silver is considered a natural antibiotic that can fight a huge number of pathogenic bacteria; fungicidal and antimicrobial properties of the metal are manifested by direct contact with the skin; regular wearing of silver on the wrist, an area with a close location of blood vessels, triggers the mechanism of rejuvenation of the body. Women's silver bracelets on the arm - the type of decoration that is good both in everyday life and in a strict business style, suitable for solemn occasions. Among the male models there are real masterpieces that brutal owners wear with pride. 

HOW TO CHOOSE A SILVER BRACELET? A silver bracelet is a classic accessory. A thin decoration is perfect for everyday use, a richly decorated bracelet with pendants or precious stones - for a special occasion, for example, a graduation or festive evening.

 The product of delicate weaving looks better with a tight fit to the skin, and for massive wide bracelets, choose a circle a little larger.

 Jewelry made of silver will be a wonderful long-lasting gift. When choosing a gift for a loved one, pay attention to designs with enamel inlay or gems. A bracelet with pendants also looks interesting. Charm can be chosen in accordance with the character / hobby of the future owner or as a reminder of a memorable moment. A child or a young girl is more suitable for a thin weave without inserts. 

A silver bracelet is a universal choice as a gift for many reasons: it is easy to adjust, so if you do not know the exact size, choose a decoration with the possibility of adjustment; unlike an expensive necklace or ring, which a lady may consider a declaration of love, a silver bracelet as a gift is completely safe, and no one will think to look for symbolism and hidden intent in it;

 the always fashionable design "chain with pendants" is considered timeless (choose it if you doubt your own taste); a chain bracelet with loops on which a variety of pendants are hung is usually given with one hanging element, and in the future it will be possible to give the recipient other amulets (in the form of letters, symbols, figurines, etc.); on wide silver bracelets, you can make a commemorative engraving (name, date, quote or even a short wish), creating a close connection between the recipient of the gift and the giver. Such a decoration is worn with pleasure by women of any age, so the gift will not be sent into exile in an old dusty box. Most women of medium build will fit a bracelet with a length of 19 cm, for more complete ladies it is worth adding another 2 cm. WHAT TO WEAR A SILVER BRACELET WITH INTINITY CHARM.

Traditionally, bracelets are recommended to be worn on open hands, since under the long sleeves of a blouse or jacket they are simply not visible. A women's silver bracelet will be a great addition to a jacket with cropped sleeves (length 3/4, 7/8, 1/2) or a dress, in everyday life, certain avant-garde designs look great with a simple style, for example, with jeans and a T-shirt. The brave one can experiment. For example, you can wear an elegant, richly decorated with precious stones silver bracelet to a sports bow, and an avant-garde jewelry to an evening outfit.

 Chain bracelet will suit any style, any outfit The cold luster of the metal is combined with any bright shade of clothing, not necessarily cold tones: red, yellow, bright blue and blue, purple and fuchsia, green. If there are colored inserts in the decoration, they should either harmonize or contrast with the main tone of the outfit. In addition to jewelry on the hand in the summer, leg bracelets are also popular. They are worn with skirts or dresses, breeches, cropped skinny jeans or leggings, short shorts.

 Silver is unpretentious, but still requires a certain careful attitude. Improper storage of jewelry, exposure to the sun, salt and chlorinated water, other aggressive chemical environments will lead to darkening or damage to the jewelry. Ideally, a silver bracelet should be stored in a special case. A simple cleaning can be done with toothpaste and soft rags.

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