Spring/Summer Palettes: Paint Your Spring/Summer season with Colorful Jewels

How Jewelry Makes Even a Boring Look Stylish.
Learning to add zest to everyday clothes

Spring/Summerseasons is not the time to limit yourself to color. We love diamonds, but in the bright summer sun, colored stones look especially joyful and give so much energy! It does not matter whether you decide to complement and accessorise  the summer dress or create a bohemian beach image, all the jewels from this collection will look great in the rays of the summer sun.

In addition to the main stones - rubies, sapphires and emeralds - there is the widest "precious" palette - from the palest pastel shades to the deepest intense colors. This Stunning Lux jewelry set combined all the summer colours - the most delicate coral, aquamarines, orange topaz and turquoise. Also in the summer, green peridotes, solar citrines, and all kinds of sapphires and tourmalines imitation, which "in groups" look even more summery, will be more appropriate than ever.

Because of its tropical blue hue, turquoise has long been considered the most summer stone, but there are other gems that will perfectly complement the image on a hot day. Lapis lazuli with golden inclusions resembles a clear summer night sky, and opals seem to be filled with sunlight from the inside. I promise that you will fall in love with your opals again when you see them sparkle in the summer sun.

Adding Colourful Accents to to your basic wardrobe:

Basic clothing is the basis of the wardrobe, without which you can not do. It helps out on weekdays, but sometimes in its simplicity and neutrality it looks boring - you want to add colour and stylish details. I will tell you how to do it with the help of jewellery.

Even a small jewelry decoration can visually change the whole image: metal, stones and crystals, unlike fabric, catch light, play with glare and therefore attract attention.

Perhaps there is nothing more versatile than a set of white T-shirt + jeans, but for originality in such a simple combination, something is still missing. I propose to add a massive gold chain - the everyday image will immediately be transformed, chic will appear in it.

If you are uncomfortable with large jewelry, you can use a simple chain with a small pendant – even a compact decoration will play a role. A bracelet can be added to clothing with a three-quarter sleeve. The fact is that the empty wrist area creates a feeling of incompleteness, and the bracelets will bring the final touch and make the image more solid.

An important rule: any jewelry should correspond to your lifestyle, be appropriate and be combined with the outfit. For example, the same miniature pendant on a thin chain will emphasise the elegance of a blouse with a deep neckline and simply get lost on a variegated dark print.

We hope to have inspired you to explore the magical world of color that fills the world of jewelry with magic. And don't forget – when summer is over and the tan is washed away, bright decorations will help you survive the dark and cold winter months. Thanks to them, you can be transported back to the carefree summer days at any time.

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