The most beautiful blouses designs of spring 2022 - wardrobe essentials

The most beautiful blouses of spring 2022

Let it be color!

Last fall and winter, we did not part with bright colors in clothes and, at the instruction of designers and fashion influencers, we wore colored down jackets, boots, sweaters and hats. Judging by the spring-summer collection of fashion houses in the new season, this trend will continue. In the spring, the down jackets will change coat and trench coats, and sweaters with multi-colored prints - blouses and shirts.

Blouses are a universal item of clothing that will be useful when composing both everyday and evening images. During the day, they can be worn with jeans or classic trousers, and in the evening, for example, with a silk midi skirt and elegant sandals. If your wardrobe already has basic models, we recommend reviving your wardrobe with a few bright options.

In the spring-summer 2022 season, yellow, orange and purple colors rule the ball. Pay attention to both the classic silk blouses with ties around the neck, and the shortened models in these shades. Blouses with long ties at the waist do not leave the fashion arena. They can be worn with jeans or with trendy maxi skirts. We recommend the most daring to take a closer look at the models made of transparent fabric - this season they are more popular than ever. 8 of the most beautiful bright blouses for spring look in our selection.

The motto of the new season is "Gather your senses", which means to enjoy every moment of the long-awaited spring. And for this, of course, you need the right wardrobe. All the materials in the collection are selected in such a way as to maintain a sense of comfort every day and in any weather: comfortable in everyday wear - the bet here is made on pleasant tactile sensations, regardless of what blouse style you choose

In the spring, joint collection -  in everyday life also prefers the classics - but modern and comfortable. This is how the flowing combinations were obtained. The brand is still carefully looking for fabrics produced for luxury brands.

These outlooks can have both casual and cocktail looks that play with silhouettes and details that are fashionable in the 1980s and early 1990s

Crop tops with ruffles, chintz dresses and red lipstick: style in adrian Lyne's film "Lolita"

"Lolita, the light of my life, the fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-li-ta: the tip of the tongue makes a journey three steps down the palate to push against the teeth on the third. Lo. Whether. Ta".

In fact, Nabokov himself described in some detail the wardrobe of the main character in his book. In the original source, Luo wore checked chintz dresses, two-piece suits made of wool, short-sleeved blouses, puffy skirts and white socks. But costume designer Judianna Makowski decided not to reproduce the descriptions from the book. She retained some of the elements (for example, infantile white socks and puffy skirts), but in general gave her own reading of the image of a nymphette. She wanted to create a contradictory wardrobe — both innocent and seductive. Its owner is no longer a girl, but not yet a woman. Therefore, she both finishes obviously infantile, childish in spirit things, and already tries on more adult and frank outfits. A key detail of all the on-screen Lolita bows performed by Dominic Swain were crop tops - seductively short, but decorated with frivolous ruffles and ruffles. It is in them that the heroine spends most of the film, combining with "doll" lush skirts and provocative short shorts.

Another fashionable constant of the film is light summer dresses with infantile patterns - multi-colored peas, bows, flowers. And at the same time , provocatively meek. The beauty images of the heroine are also a complete contradiction. On the one hand, her hair is braided all the time – a symbol of childhood and purity. On the other hand, she is already beginning to use cosmetics, and chooses a bright red lipstick - an instrument of temptation. Lolita is already aware of her attractiveness, but still cannot and does not want to say goodbye to children's attributes. This is the very mystery of her image, over which both viewers and critics have been struggling for many years. Is she a calculating and treacherous seductress or an innocent victim of a pedophile? Everyone has their own opinion on this matter, but one thing is clear: the film team managed to create one of the most memorable images in the history of cinema, which is still quoted in popular culture.

5 stylish looks to repeat this summer

Fashionable "cheat sheet"

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Remember the scene from the movie "Clueless", where the main character automatically selects an image for herself in a special program on the computer? We are ready to bet that every girl has ever dreamed of such an option that will greatly facilitate her life and eliminate the need to think and choose what to wear today. We want to offer you something similar. Namely, a selection of simple, but very stylish spring/summer images that can be easily repeated. This is a universal fashionable "cheat sheet" that will help out in any incomprehensible situation. especially since you probably already have all the components of these images.

White blouse/T-shirt + jeans

What could be easier? This classic formula of the basic image was given to us by Marlon Brando and James Dean – as is often the case, the girls borrowed the solution from the men's wardrobe. A great way out in any incomprehensible situation. The main thing is to make sure that the cut of jeans and T-shirts is relevant and suitable for you. And in cool weather, you can throw a knitted jumper on top. Of the shoes, sneakers, sandals, heels, and even ballet flats are equally suitable for this combo.

Maxi skirt + blouse/T-shirt + sandals

Relaxed combo for holidays and leisurely walks around the city. A flowing fabric maxi skirt will add sensuality to the look, while a simple white tee will add relaxation. The final touch is trendy flat sandals, in which you can spend at least a whole day. Complete your look with a woven raffia bag and you're good to go.

Mini dress + "male" shirt

A flirty mini-dress will perfectly balance the white oversized shirt, as from a man's shoulder. It will help to escape from sudden gusts of cool wind, and simply reduce the degree of the image, making it more everyday and moderately careless.

Bodysuit + linen pants + shirt

Another relaxed summer combination that looks best on the beach or by the pool. Flying linen trousers will help out in any heat, and the bodysuit will elegantly replace the top (if you plan to dive into the sea immediately after the walk, then a swimsuit will cope with this function). The shirt, on the other hand, will add even more negligence to the image and become an accent: in the heat it can be tied around the hips, and in the cool it can be thrown over the shoulders..

Trouser suit + bra

Perhaps the best way to wear trendy sconce tops. Just wear such a top under the oversize jacket of a male cut - such a contrast between masculine and feminine details always works well. Well, in order not to go headlong into the role of femme fatale, we advise you to abandon high studs in favor of Vietnamese women on a massive sole or loafers.

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