Trends of spring-summer – 2022/23: jewelry and what to wear it with

Trends of spring-summer – 2022/23: jewelry and what to wear it with

Jewelry and costume jewelry are important components of any image. They help to correctly place accents and complete the outfit.

  • Most often, individuality and originality of women's outfits are added by properly selected and arranged stylish jewelry. Therefore, if you want to look 100% at any time of the day or night, then now make sure that in your cherished box there are the most fashionable jewelry of 2022.
  • This year, women will have the opportunity to create their own unique style. In 2022/23, it will be possible to wear almost any jewelry. The main thing to remember is that they should be perfectly combined with the chosen outfit, be original, but at the same time not particularly stand out from the overall image.
  •  jewelry in whole sets. In this case, you do not have to choose the right combination, and you can not worry that some decoration in style does not suit another. When choosing trendy jewelry, always remember about its color scheme. It should be in harmony with your wardrobe as much as possible.
  • It is in spring and summer that the fair sex can show themselves in all their glory. At this time of year, they do not need to wear bulky warm clothes, behind which their beautiful figure is not visible. Therefore, with the advent of heat, they try to focus on the most attractive parts of their body as much as possible.
  • Designers did not mix styles and dwell on halftones. Various jewelry of 2022-2023 should not only be competently combined with clothes and be appropriate for the occasion, but also suit the inner world of their owner. Selection of jewelry is a creative flight of fancy of a representative of the beautiful half of humanity.
  • The final result in the appearance will reflect the existing taste and fashion preferences. Designers covered almost all styles in fashion to create jewelry collections. Romantic, sexy, brutal and feminine jewelry will become the "highlights" of the images.
  • If you look at the latest fashion shows, you can understand that next year there will be quite noticeable three-dimensional jewelry in fashion. The highlight of images will be original jewelry sets of different sizes, shapes and colors.
  • If you plan to supplement the image with a rather large and bright decoration, then let it be only one. • Jewelry, which has a complex shape and a rather saturated color, should be worn with simple monochromatic clothes. • If you need to focus on your neckline or neck, then complement the image with an elegant pendant. 
  • Although in 2022 there will be quite bright colors in fashion, it is very important not to forget about naturalness and try to create fashionable bows in such a way that they are as harmonious as possible.
  • Therefore, when buying such products, try not to be flashy and highly extravagant. Jewelry made of natural stones should add tenderness, airiness and lightness to the female image, and in no case focus exclusively on yourself.

 In our material, we talked about the main trends of the next season and collected the most fashionable jewelry.

Trends in jewelry spring-summer – 2022

In the new season, designers when choosing jewelry offer us to make a choice in favor of bright, accent products, but minimalism also does not lose relevance. 

From autumn and winter, the chains smoothly pass into the spring-summer season.

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