Wearing Jewelry in sets : is it a fashion faux pas?

Wearing Jewelry in sets : is it a fashion faux pas?

Is wearing jewelry in sets cool or old-fashioned?

You read fashion magazines, and it seems that the jewelry in the sets has long been fashion faux pas. 

First of all, they are reproached for old-fashionedness, reminding us that it was in the days of our mothers and grandmothers that women meticulously picked up earrings for a bracelet, a ring for a chain, and now times have changed and it's time to stop being afraid to experiment.

 One would  assure that the same earrings, ring, bracelet and pendant not only do not look modern, but also add age to their mistress. Other critics come out with a menacing "not accepted" only about the full set of jewelry, but have nothing against wearing a couple of jewelry from the set at the same time and pass it off as a commonrule of wearing jewelry.

 There are a lot of arguments "against", although, if you think about it, a set of jewelry is just the same "normcore", only from jewelry, with one undeniably attractive feature: you put it on and no longer rack your brain. We personally have nothing against sets of jewelry and therefore, on the contrary, collected arguments "for".

The prejudice against jewelry in sets has always been based on the fact that it’s too much jewelry. More recently, this notorious "less, is better" in fashion was applied to literally any spectacular thing - to bright prints and colours, to catchy items of clothing and to accessories and jewelry that attract attention. Now no one seeks to follow clear rules, and overdoing it - with size, shape or colour - is no longer so terrible, and the phobia of the bulkiness of the set of jewelry does not carry any logic. It's just that someone knows how and likes to wear several pieces of jewelry at the same time, and someone does not.

 A set of jewelry in itself represents a "safe" and composed by a professional, which means that problems with incompatibility should not arise. You do not need to worry about whether the jewelry fits the style of each other and whether it all looks from the outside as "put on all the best at once". In fact, a set of jewelry is such an example of a basic wardrobe in accessories, which greatly facilitates our life: just put on and leave the house. 

 A set of jewelry as a mirror of your style.

 Some ladies  love pearls, but not in a vintage style, but in a modern version as an ideal "addition" to everyday jewelry, and some collecs pendants with symbols or thin bracelets with pendants and deliberately ignore other types of jewelry on the neck or wrist. This approach can definitely be called a reflection of one's own style in jewelry, and at the same time groups of such jewelry could be called sets, because they have a common connecting link and are able to complement each other, even without being different types of jewelry (for example, like several tiny earrings for piercing). 

You can rethink the very concept of "set of jewellery decor" What is usually a set of jewelry? Several items with the same design and with the same type of metal and insert. And can it be considered a set, for example, minimalist earrings with pearls and a pendant in the form of a pearl on a thin chain? Or a ring and bracelet made of different metals, but with an identical geometric design? The question of combinations in fashion has become much more open, and now the radical "no" does not make much sense, which also applies to jewelry. You may well make a set of your favorite jewelry, explaining the unity of all items in it only with your picky taste. 

I believe that everyone chooses for himself what she likes best, it is quite easy to buy a set, for some may be it is more interesting to combine different jewelry with the trend of style, to fantasize when selecting products from different collections, to combine stone and design, to play with the color of metal, in general to engage in creativity in a sense as a designer. It's fascinating and fun!

 All sets are beautiful, as well as any jewelry decor pieces  look very stylish!!!

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