What Jewelry to Match with Your Dress?: Selecting jewellery for the neckline.

What Jewelry to Match with Your Dress?: Selecting jewellery for the neckline.

What Jewelry to Match with Your Dress?: Selecting jewellery for the neckline

Despite the popularization of unisex bows with jeans, scarves, T-shirts and other attributes of neutral gender, beautiful ladies do not think to give up dresses in all manifestations. And rightly so: nothing emphasises the primordial feminine principle as much as this classic wardrobe item. True, dresses are rarely self-sufficient: properly selected jewelry is required for the completeness of the bow. Fortunately, now there is no shortage of inexpensive, but cool jewellery, so the choice of jewelry is determined only by personal taste. Today we will tell you how to choose the right jewelry for a dress, depending on several basic criteria. In no case do we pretend to have absolute knowledge, but this is the advice of experienced stylists that will satisfy even girls with refined taste!

What jewelry to which dress will suit. Today dresses of various types are in trend, so fashionistas can not hesitate with the choice. In a special favour of natural materials there are cotton, linen, wool, silk etce. In summer, it is better to give preference to free sundresses and floor-length dresses, Greek tunics and models with tight bodices. In the cold season, dresses of classic silhouettes, from long to short, with boat necks and clamps, are held in high esteem. And dresses for special occasions take a variety of guises: from small black a la the unforgettable Coco Chanel, to lace and airy, especially good looking on young debutantes.

A girl with good taste herself can decide which dress to pair with costume jewelry of choice. Especially if she chooses the trendy boho which will look great with complex multi-layered jewelry made of natural materials, inexpensive, but original.

Let's go through the basic principles of choosing costume jewelry. So, we figure out what kind of decoration will suit the dress depending on the basic parameters and remind you of the basic principles. No more than two accents. If we are talking about classic evening and business bows, you should not overload the image with jewelry. For example, if you wear a wide plastron necklace or multi-layer beads,an excessively voluminous brooch and artsy earrings will be inappropriate. But you can make another emphasis on the hands - in the form of a bracelet, or a visually highlighted ring (you can even wear "brass knuckles" or jewelry that covers the whole finger). Prefabricated rings or a scattering of phalangeal rims will also be appropriate.

The Parity of fabric and jewelry.

 Dresses made of light fabrics do not correlate well with heavy and visually massive jewelry. For example, it is better not to weigh down a bow in the Greek style with a tunic dress at all: it is better to leave the chest and neck without accessories but decorate the head with a hairpin or an Athenian headband. Ears can be left free or decorated with long elegant earrings. Under the dress-combination of silk and its artificial analogues, it is better to wear a basic chain with an elegant pendant, a short string of pearls or a laconic choker. Especially bold and curly ladies can belt a fabric belt in tone or contrast with a brooch or decorate their neck with a silk scarf.

 The right choice of stones. 

Classic pearls are very gentle and romantic even in an artificial incarnation. They come out great only in combination with evening bows and emphatically feminine daytime outfits. If you want to wear pearls during the day in combination with boho style, it is better to give preference to the baroque version of the irregular shape, (not necessarily white).

If you want to flaunt diamonds or their imitations during the day, choose the smallest options. Oh, by the way: black diamonds and other stones of zero transparency of any size will be quite appropriate. Multicolor styles are welcome!

The later, the more expensive.

Wearing expensive jewellery and even fancy jewellery during the day is a moveton. For free city bows, you should choose more visually cheap, but stylish jewelry: multi-layer beads of semi-precious stones and glass beads, braided pendants on ropes made of natural fiber, all kinds of improvisations made of wood, leather laces, shells and so on. And in the evening you can appear in all its splendour. 

Can't afford diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies? Imitation jewelry will be amazing. Jewelry made of shiny beads will also do. 

Modesty and grace of office bows. Work in the office imposes a lot of restrictions on a woman, including the choice of jewelry. Classic office set: basic chain with elegant pendant, small earrings (pussets or with English schwenz) and an engagement ring. However, beautiful ladies can be mischievous, especially if the authorities favour them. Quite appropriate will be an elegant watch with crystals, a ring with one Baroque pearl or a brooch-pin with a small pendant.

The richer the dress, the more modest the jewelry, and vice versa. It is said that jewelry serves only as an addition to the dress, and not vice versa. This rule is not always true. For example, a dress with prints, embroidery, lace and other rich decor really does not require an additional accent in the form of jewellery. You can do without them at all or reduce them to the basic chain, pussets and a wedding ring.

 But the basic black dress, which should be in the wardrobe of any self-respecting woman, does not play at all without jewellery. Depending on the type of neck, your own tastes and physical conditions, you can complement it with a neck decoration in the form of a tourniquet, an elegant necklace with diamonds or other precious stones (or their imitations), a small monisto or velvet. If you do not know what to wear to an iconic event, choose a dark dress of laconic design and complement it with a string of pearls. Here you can add earrings with pearls or a hairpin of a similar design, a bracelet or a ring. Just don't overdo it – and you will look beautiful! 

In summer, everything is allowed! In summer, boho style reigns supreme in the city, which means that it becomes even easier to choose the right jewellery for a dress. Most of the now trendy summer dresses have an emphatically laconic cut and simply require additions in the form of stylish jewellery. The mainstream of recent seasons are chains in all their manifestations, successfully combined with leather laces, ropes and beads, allowing you to create incredibly stylish multi-layered jewelry from several components. This applies to both beads and necklaces for every taste, and bracelets. But with the rings, you still should not overdo it: the gypsy inherent in boho should be moderate. As mentioned above, natural and inexpensive materials are in favour: glass beads, monisto from coins, wood, leather, jewelry made of fabrics, ropes, ribbons and cords. Only cheap plastic is unacceptable: it can "kill" the most stylish outfit. 

Silver necklace: classics of the genre! Despite the now trendy multicolor, each lady should own a white and black jewelry. These are basic colours that fit everything in the world without causing visual dissonance. You don't have to think about whether green jewelry will fit the evening dress you bought yesterday and are going to wear today. Wear black or white jewelry with semi-precious stones, glass or artificial pearls - and shine to the envy of rivals! The trend of recent seasons is harnesses-lariates. They are usually woven from beads and decorated with tassels, beads, imitations of precious stones and so on. Lariates can be worn as necklaces, belts and even voluminous bracelets!

 How to choose a decoration for the neckline of the dress Let's move on to the choice of jewelry under the neckline of the dress. Here we will naturally pay more attention to jewelry around the neck, but we will not forget about brooches and earrings, because our task is to create a harmonious bow from all components. Let's say right away, the universal rule in this case is only one: the decoration should not compete with the neckline of the dress, taking a position on its edge. It either flaunts on the open skin, or falls over the top of the dress - no third option! Ideally, it beats the shape of the cutout, but in this respect a lot of options are possible. So, let's go through the main types of cutouts and their corresponding decorations. Open shoulders.

 There are opinions that jewelry for a dress with open shoulders must necessarily be pretentious and massive. Far from it! This rule works only in case the lady wants to level the shortcomings of the neckline or draw attention from the face. Young fresh girls are better to choose light and elegant necklaces, short chains with light pendants,lace chokers and so on. Invisible necklaces look very elegant, which are pebbles or pearls on a fishing line. The open neckline area can be left free, but wearing long voluminous earrings (for example, "chandeliers", rings or brushes) or hair ornaments such as a hairy ratnik or tiara - this depends on the style. Round neckline Jewelry for a dress with a round neckline should be chosen depending on the depth of the neckline. If it is deep enough, then you can choose jewelry, as in the case of open shoulders. If we are dealing with a neckline almost under the neck, then long decorations are more appropriate: beads in the length of "matine" or "opera", threads of pearls up to the waist, massive pendants on long chains and so on. A universal solution for a round neck of any depth will be a wide or multi-layer necklace in any style.Most importantly the necklace should cover the edge of the neckline.

. V-neck. If you choose jewelry for a dress with a V-neck, it will be advisable to emphasise the length and elegance of the neck. For these purposes, a Y-shaped chain with a pendant or a pebble will be ideal. All kinds of chokers, velvets with bows and cameos, necklaces-ties and so on look great. The same applies to shirt-type necks with the top button unbuttoned. And if you fasten it, you will have at your disposal all kinds of ties, decorative collars and bows-slaves, which are worn both under open shoulders (very sexy!) and over clothes (restrained and romantic!) 

Boat. The boat is a very contradictory neckline, to which it is difficult to find jewelry: it is wide, but shallow. Here jewellery of a relatively large length is suitable - beads, necklaces to the chest line and below, as well as multi-layered jewelry located in tiers. In the case of a boat-shaped neckline, jewelry on the neck can be painlessly abandoned in favour of brooches. You can fix the brooch in the classic position below the shoulder or decorate the corner of the neck with it. In the second case, it is worth choosing more modest earrings . Stand or shale collar.

 All closed necks do not oblige to wear jewelry around the neck - they can be replaced with brooches or expressive earrings. Or a brooch and a mono-earring, arranged oppositly. However, if you really want, you can put jewelry on the neck (of course, quite long), but here it is important not to overdo it. If you wear a colourful dress with a bright print, decor in the bodice or neck area, expressive buttons, then you should refrain from any decorations against its background. 

Selection of costume jewellery depending on the colour of the dress. So, we enter a very slippery slope and begin to talk about the correct selection of colours. This is very difficult, because the boho style does not accept the usual laws of colour compatibility at all. Therefore, let's talk about the classics, that is, evening, office and other bows, created with a fair amount of conservatism: Jewelry for a black dress is the easiest to choose: this color is universal. Pearls and gemstones of pure colors (or imitations of them) are ideal. Except, it is worth refraining from black and dark brown tones, so that the image does not turn out to be too gloomy. Jewelry in white and black tones is ideal for a red dress. If we talk about the classics, then the optimal colors for the combination will be shades of red of a different tone: from pink to burgundy. However, if you are young and creative, you can complement the red color with yellow, green and even blue! Costume jewelry for a green dress is selected depending on your own taste and the desire to amaze with contrasts. A classic of the genre for greenery is a combination with yellow, therefore - metals for gold. Yes, in this caseit is better to choose gold metals in a yellow palette. However, on light shades of green, jewelry in peach and pinkish shades looks very good. Black and brown jewelry in a golden frame is ideal for a beige dress. However, you can experiment with other colors. Looking at the shade of beige: for example, cream is perfectly combined with soft pink, such as creamand pistachio. To a pink or powder dress, elegant refined jewelry is most suitable - these colors appeal to tenderness. Do not spoil them with excessive massiveness or pretentiousness: such a range will emphasize your femininity better than any diamonds. Metals and stones of any shades are appropriate, but there should not be too many of them.

 The white dress is absolutely versatile. It is like a canvas on which a true woman will draw any image: a stylish businesswoman with the help of black jewelry, a sexy vamp with decorations of bright colours (especially blood red), a gentle romantic person framed by pastel colours. The blue dress is matched by jewelry a la gold with dark or light inserts. But for a blue dress it is better to choose jewelry made of white metal. Of the contrasting colors, you should pay more attention to yellow, lilac and all shades of pink. If you do not know what to wear with a yellow dress, choose black or dark brown jewelry - then you won’t lose. A good contrast will be blue and green tones, but here you need to carefully look at the shades. 

And finally, don't overdo it! Evening dress made of shiny fabric, with sequins or rhinestones does not accept bright jewelry. The most you can afford is a laconic wedding ring and small pusets in your ears!

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